If you admire the sleek lines on the outside of a building or if you appreciate the design of a monument or memorial as much as you appreciate the history, then you certainly understand that architectural design is both a science and an art. Design is therefore a great theme for group tours. And many favorite cities offer the perfect attractions to accommodate your interest. One popular way to tour the various architecture of a city is from the water.

Since many of the country’s biggest cities were built by a river, a lake, or the sea, a water cruise proves possible in many of them. Chicago, for instance, offers a water cruise specific to architectural design, offering its visitors a brilliant view and entertaining narrative on architectural wonders like the Sears Tower, the historic Water Tower, and more. New York City and Boston also offer these amazing cruises, offering a glimpse of many favorite attractions plus an overall picture of each city as a whole. Click on the links below to discover some of the best attractions for this theme. Or fill out the request form to begin customizing an architectural tour today!

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