Waterfall in Hawaii

Credit Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau

Groups in search of the ultimate escape need look no further than their own backyard…ok, maybe just  a few thousand miles out into the deep, blue Pacific. This most recent addition to the union joined  in 1959, and is the only state composed entirely of islands – eight, to be precise: The Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, The Valley Isle, O’ahu, The Gathering Place,  Moloka’i, The Friendly Isle, Lana’i, The Pineapple Isle, Ni’ihau, The Forbidden Isle (privately held and managed) and Kaho’olawe, The Target Isle. (uninhabited) Hawaii is also the only state that is not geographically located in North America, grows coffee, boasts a royal palace, and does not have a single straight line in its state boundary.

Because the islands are so far from mainland, life before native population is said to have arrived on the three W’s: wind, waves and wings. It’s not hard to recognize an underlying current of unique wildness that remains even in the most populated and commercial of cities, coursing through the population, rubbing off on mainland transplants and ever-present in the colorful melting pot of rich Island culture, cuisine, legend and lore. A humid, tropical climate sees year-round daytime temps hovering in the 80s, making Hawaii an ideal place to come, unpack, deliver your cares to the Sea and immerse yourself in the beautiful Island spirit of “Aloha!” Inhale; plumeria-scented trade winds carry the whisper of tiny shells rolling across warm sands to your ears; the ocean sings its eternal song of abundant welcome.

A multitude of watersports and outdoor recreational activities, fascinating guided tours, fabulous food, wonderful shopping, world class accommodations, popular hotspots and a vibrant Island arts and social scene await visitors to the warm beaches, breathtaking coastlines and stunningly diverse landscapes of Hawaii while that legendary Island tradition of warm hospitality sets the scene for the tropical vacation of a lifetime!

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Sample Itineraries

Best of Hawaii 5-Day

For the group that is short on time but not on expectations, the best of Hawaii 5 Day Trip is a great option!

    •  Four Nights Lodging
    •  Traditional Luau
    •  Discover a Secret Island

Hawaii 6-Day Trip

Hawaii has the combination of a learning experience and a beautiful site seeing opportunity.

    •  Five Nights Lodging
    •  Largest Catamaran Crew
    •  Pearl Harbor Site

Hawaiian Island Discovery

Discover all the most popular sites that make the island of Oahu one of the worlds favorite!

    •  Snorkeling
    •  See Famous Movie Sets
    •  Hawaiian Culture


Authentic Hawaiian Luau

Groups on Island excursion will not want to miss this wonderful, colorful and lively traditional Hawaiian feast – no first trip to the Islands would be complete without experiencing the extravagance of true Island hospitality! Most luau are catered towards visitors, so round up your pals, slip on your flip flops and come, expecting a truly grand celebration of rich Island culture, delicious food, and thrilling entertainment. You’ll feast on a magnificent Hawaiian spread of succulent kalua pig (pork slow cooked in a traditional pit oven), yummy lau lau, (beef, pork, chicken, or fish wrapped in sturdy taro leaves), hearty poi (Polynesian staple starch made of taro) and delicious haupia – a sweet coconut pudding dessert. Lose yourself in the seductive Island rhythms as hula dancers tell beautiful stories of Hawaiiana with their elegant, graceful movements and the scent of burning torches and plumeria fills the night air. Many luau highlight greater Polynesia by featuring skilled Samoan fire dancers and mesmerizing Tahitian dancers with long flowing hair and leied necks; brave guests may even find themselves doing the hula in front of the entire luau crowd!

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Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures is a popular Hawaiian snorkel excursion company dedicated to tendering guests on island getaway a totally safe, relaxing, and fun snorkeling experience. Located just nine miles from Waikiki on the island of O‘ahu, the third largest of the six islands, Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is, indeed, a snorkeler’s paradise—whether you’re a nervous novice or an old pro, you’ll soon be right at home with the fishes! Carefully tucked inside an ancient volcanic crater that opens to the vast blue of the Pacific Ocean, this sparkling, crescent-shaped bay encompasses a truly magnificent yet fragile marine environment just waiting for you to explore! Whether you slip beneath the peaceful surface of the Bay’s warm waters or choose to peer through your mask as you float along the top, you’ll discover this tropical turquoise bay is home to countless ribbons of colorful fish and stately sea turtles paddling their way through a living coral reef riddled with endless underwater passageways for to you explore along with them – a breathtakingly beautiful aquatic environment unlike anything you’ve experienced! What are you waiting for? Grab your group and get your snorkel on!

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Diamond Head Hiking Adventure

Diamond Head from the water

Credit Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau

Globe trotters on island excursion won’t want to miss an opportunity to explore Mount Leahi, also known as O’ahu’s legendary Diamond Head. Exciting group tours of the iconic crater begin with a brief introductory talk by a trained nature guide; learn about volcanic creation, rich and colorful Hawaiian history, European discovery, early cattle ranching, and modern day military use of the Gibraltar of the Pacific as you and your fellow adventurers are escorted on the 763’ climb to the summit. Convenient rest stops along the way afford wonderful opportunities to photograph the famous landmark; exploring a dimly lit 225 foot tunnel and hiking up intriguing staircases completed in the early 1900’s imparts a keen sense of history to your tropical hiking adventure. Once at the top, you’ll see old bunkers on the crater rim and a navigational lighthouse built in 1917, and enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the stunning shoreline of southeastern O’ahu. This memorable, must-do excursion lasts approximately 3 hours and is a truly notable accomplishment: guests are presented with an authentic Certificate of Achievement once they’ve completed their grand Diamond Head expedition!

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Narrated Honolulu City Tour

You and your group have finally made it to your dream Hawaiian destination! Why not indulge in a little orientation before embarking on any free-lance exploration of the legendary local culture, landscape, color and hospitality?  An exciting offering of narrated historic tours of the state capitol of Honolulu on the beautiful island of Oahu await visitors on tropical excursion, all certain to enhance perception and experience through a basic historic outline of area landmarks and points of interest.  The first, and most memorable stop on any classic city tour – reached by Navy shuttle boat – would have be a visit to Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial, a sobering and moving tribute to the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great Country on that darkest “Day of Infamy.”  Next up: The Punchbowl National Cemetery (Courts of the Missing) where you will find resting inside the Punchbowl volcano a heartbreaking memorial inscribed with the names of Americans gone missing from the WWII,  Korean and Viet Nam wars.  The iconic King Kamehameha statue stands across from the grand Iolani  Palace – the only royal compound on US soil. The Kawaiahao Church, the first Christian church built in Hawaii, the Mission Houses Museum, the State Library and Archives and the Honolulu Hale – (City Hall) – are all noteworthy Capitol District attractions;  be sure to make time for a guided tour of  the new and exciting Pacific Aviation Museum!

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Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona

Groups exploring the Islands must not miss the powerful experience of a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center; over one million people make the trip across the water every year just to pay their respects to the selfless 1177 men and women who lost their lives in the ultimate sacrifice on December 7th, 1941 – “The Day of Infamy.” Accessible only by boat, the iconic USS Arizona Memorial spans the sunken hull of the ambushed battleship without ever touching it. A world of exploration through a sobering cross section of wartime history awaits guests upon arrival; sweeping panoramic views of now-peaceful Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial serve as a grand backdrop to this fully – immersive WWII history lesson. Be sure to visit the USS Bowfin Submarine, the USS Missouri Battleship, and Ford Island while you’re there; you’ll leave with a heart forever changed and a new respect for the men and women of our military along with an enhanced understanding of what Pearl Harbor Day meant to our great Nation.

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Hawaiian Flower Lei Greeting

Your group has landed at their dream destination…a warm, tropical breeze kisses your face as you draw your first long breath of legendary Big Island essence. Friendly island greeters approach, welcoming you and your companions with a warm “aloha” and presenting you with a beautiful lei crafted of colorful, fresh and oh, so fragrant exotic blooms— a heartwarming traditional symbol of special welcome and love in Hawaii.

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