Your adult group may be searching for things to do in Gatlinburg during your trip. There is plenty to experience in this amazing area. Visitors can take part in outdoor activities and enjoy the magnificent Smoky Mountains. You can visit a museum or an aquarium as part of the experience. Shopping and dining options are numerous and the food is delectable.

If you want to enjoy some fresh air and scenic charms, Gatlinburg is a great place to explore the “great outdoors.” The group can ride a bike and explore the Gatlinburg Bike Trails at Smoky Mountain National Park. Visitors can play golf, try out downhill snow skiing, or take a hike. There are over 600 miles of hiking trails in the area. The golf courses are both challenging and entertaining.

Gatlinburg has a variety of museums to explore during your group visit. If you enjoy fascinating animals, take time to visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. There are 12foot sharks, giant sea turtles, and thousands of exotic sea creatures. The Guinness World Records Museum is another fun destination where you can see the book come to life through displays, interactive exhibits, games, and themed galleries.

If you love shopping, Gatlinburg has plenty of places for you to purchase interesting merchandise. The Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway Mall is the place to go if you are looking for unique gift ideas. They have a variety of crafts, gifts, collectables, jewelry, Native American Pottery, old photos and clothing. The Mountain Mall is another shopping attraction to explore. You will find 36 unique shops with different themes. The mall is an indoor shopping center in the heart of the city. There are also a few glass shops that contain items such as glass jewelry, sculptures, and other glass objects.

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Sample Itineraries

3-Day Gatlinburg Group Tour

This 3 day group tour takes your group to some of Gatlinburg's thrilling and exciting attractions.

    •  Two Nights Lodging
    •  Ripley’s Galore
    •  Ride an Earthquake

4-Day Pigeon Forge Group Tour

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is a beautiful destination, uniquely nestled in the breathtaking Smoky Mountains.

    •  Three Nights Lodging
    •  Water Park
    •  World Class Entertainment


Splash Country

As you plan your adult group tour to Gatlinburg, you may want to spend the day getting soaked at Splash Country Water Park. The location has a total of 23 different slides for you to experience. Your group can also take part in a zip line adventure during the visit. There are shopping and dining options for the group to explore. Visitors will enjoy the thrill and entertainment when you ride the various slides and rides. You will find exhilarating rides such as Fire Tower Falls, Mountain Scream, River Rush, Big Bear Plunge, and the Butterfly. Fire Tower Falls is the tallest slide at the park. During the experience, guests will propel down 280foot tracks on exhilarating free-fall twin slides. At the end of the ride, you will reach a 140foot water-filled lane for a fun final splash. The ride is open from May through September. River Rush offers visitors the soak of a lifetime along with an action packed experience. You will race through the trees four stories in the air and experience four drops along a track with exhilarating hairpin turns, twists, and tunnels combined with rushing water. The group can have an exciting zip line experience on the Sky Zip Tour. During the adventure, you will find four treks that range from 700 to 1,000 feet in length. The venture is one hour and has multiple zip lines. Visitors will see a breathtaking view of the Smokey Mountains as you fly high in the sky. There is also a 100foot swinging bridge to explore as part of this entertaining adventure.

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Gatlinburg Dollywood

When your group plans a trip to Gatlinburg, you should enjoy entertainment at one of the top destinations in the area known as Dollywood. The location contains attractions such as the Dollywood Theme Park, Splash Country Water Park, and beautiful cabins. Groups of all sizes will enjoy visiting the park and taking in the view of the Smoky Mountains. The Dollywood Theme Park is 150 acres and offers tons of fun rides and entertainment attractions for the group to explore. There are thrill rides for those who are interested in a heart-stopping experience. You will find rides such as the Fire Chaser Roller-Coaster, Blazing Fury, Daredevil Falls, the Dizzy Disk, and Mystery Mine. There are also family-friendly attractions for those who are seeking a relaxing visit. Dollywood offers group tours that can be customized for your specific party. You can spend the day enjoying the live stage shows, experience the rides and attractions, or watch their master craftsmen at work. There are meal options available that are included in the tour. The kitchens at Dollywood are always serving up a wide variety of mouth-watering southern cuisine. The park hosts five festivals throughout the year. Your group can attend events such as the Festival of Nations, the Barbeque and Bluegrass Festival, and the National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration. The Festival of Nations is a month long event which features captivating entertainment. It is a celebration with music, dance, food and art. The Southern Gospel Festival is hosted during the fall season. Visitors can enjoy six weeks of live performances as part of the Dollywood experience.

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Ripley’s Haunted Adventure

While your group is visiting Gatlinburg, you may want to have a scary experience at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. Visitors can enter a renovated mansion where there may be spirits lurking in the shadows. There are live actors at every corner so be prepared for the scare of your life during this entertaining experience! Ripley’s Haunted Adventure takes haunted houses to the next level. The tour of the dilapidated building will take about 15 minutes. When you begin, the group will ride in an old coffin cage that resembles a mine-shaft elevator. You will arrive in a creepy funeral chapel where you will be instructed to form a single-file line and put your hand on the shoulder of the person in front of you during the remainder of the tour. During the rest of the experience, visitors will be walking in complete darkness. There will be special effects that will confuse your senses. There are other attractions to visit during your time at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure. You can watch a film in the 5D Moving Theater, see some strange items in the Odditorium, and enjoy the Marvelous Mirror Maze. There are interactives and interesting artifacts on display. Visitors will have the opportunity to examine objects such as shrunken heads, an authentic vampire killing kit, and one-of-a-kind artwork. The Marvelous Mirror Maze is entertaining to navigate. There are dead ends, corners, and infinite reflections. The Moving Theater has two action-packed films to enjoy. Visitors will experience bumps, dips, and turns during the film.

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Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies



During your adult group trip to Gatlinburg, you may want to explore the abundance of sea creatures at Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies. Visitors can participate in interesting activities, view fascinating exhibit galleries, and enjoy live shows. This aquarium was voted #1 in the United States. There are a variety of activities to explore during your visit. One of the options is the Personal Penguin Experience which is where the group will have the opportunity to meet the penguins up close. During the encounter, you will learn about the African Penguin species which are also known as Black-footed Penguins. You will also get to pet the animals and take a souvenir photo. Another fun activity is known as Splash with the Stingrays. During the experience, visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the stingrays, which are a fascinating species. The exhibit galleries are full of amazing species to observe. One of the exhibits is called Tropical Rainforest. The group will find species such as Piranhas, Dart Frogs, Arapaima, and Anableps which are also known as four-eyed fish. Another interesting exhibit is the Gallery of the Seas which contains a collection of delicate undersea life. You will find the Pacific Giant Octopus, sea anemones, living corals, and jellies. One of the most popular exhibits is known as Shark Lagoon. It contains a variety of fish of every shape and size. Your group may want to watch one of the live shows during your visit to Ripley’s Aquarium. There are shows such as Shark Lagoon Dive, Penguin Feeding, Stingray Bay Dive, and Marine Science. During the Penguin Feeding, you will have the opportunity to observe the penguins being fed by the keepers. You will also learn about challenges that these animals face in today’s environment.

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Guinness World Records Museum

When your adult group travels to Gatlinburg, you may want to explore the Guinness World Records Museum which is part of Ripley’s Believe it Or Not. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the book come to life through interactive displays, videos, games, and trivia. The group can walk through the museum at their own pace and look at the various records that have been achieved in categories such as sports, space, animals, food, and human achievement. There are also themed galleries in the museum. The Guinness World Records Museum has over 1,200 fascinating exhibits for you to explore. Your group can see TV’s most famous car, Elvis’s one and only Hounddog Boat, the Longest Motorcycle, and memorabilia from other famous singers and sports figures. You can find out about the World’s Tallest Man, the World’s Oldest Man, and the World’s Heaviest Man. You will also learn about the Most Expensive Box of Chocolates that was ever purchased. Visitors will also get to examine artifacts pertaining to astronauts and outer space. The record games are entertaining and interactive. If you like Michael Jackson, the museum has a Thriller display for you to explore. If you enjoy interesting activities, you can try the computerized Stretchiest Skin activity. During the activity, you will take a photo of yourself and then stretch your skin out long and see how far it will expand. There is also a secret warehouse that has the World’s Smallest Bicycle. The group may also want to test your knowledge by playing some trivia games during the visit. You could spend several hours at the attraction if you choose to read all of the information displayed on the walls.

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Gatlinburg Dixie Stampede

Is your group looking for some evening entertainment? If so, during the trip to Gatlinburg, you should spend the evening at the Dixie Stampede! This experience is action-packed and includes a four-course feast for you to enjoy. Visitors will be treated to live entertainment prior to the show at the Dixie Belle Saloon. The show consists of friendly North and South competition, thrilling horse riding stunts, spectacular special effects, and phenomenal musical productions. When the show begins, the trick riders all come together with a patriotic salute of Red, White, and Blue which includes Color Me America, written and recorded by Dolly Parton. You will be served a delicious meal during the show. Visitors will enjoy menu items such as Dixie Stampede’s Creamy Vegetable Soup, a mouth-watering rotisserie chicken, hot buttered corn on the cob, and unlimited Pepsi, tea or coffee. Prior to the show, your group can take a stroll alongside the open-air stables to see the horses up close and see their flawless lines. They are the stars of the show and there are 32 animals altogether. After your walk, you can listen to a live performance at the Dixie Belle Saloon. You will be entertained by the bluegrass and country music band, Mountain Ruckus. While you are at the saloon, your group can enjoy popcorn or peanuts. They also offer Pepsi and exotic fruit drinks which are served in a collector series Souvenir Boot Mug. Visitors spend about 90 minutes at the attraction. During the holiday season, the group can attend the Dixie Stampede Christmas show.

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