Chicago Skyline at night

Credit City of Chicago

Chicago is a great choice for just about any type of group trip. One thing that you will notice upon arrival to Chicago is its landscape and large variety of art. The magnificent Grant Park and the wide variety of architecture and sculptures make Chicago one of the most beautiful in outdoor scenery. Stroll by the Buckingham Memorial Fountain at night and see the beautiful light show that this extremely detailed fountain displays; or head over to Millennium Park and stand in front of “The Bean”, a giant mirroring bean-shaped sculpture that is great for pictures.


Some of the most world-class museums also reside here, such as Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute. Each of these museums gives great insight into the things around you in a fun and exciting way that is great for all ages.


There is no better place to go for deep-dish pizza, concerts, or sporting events. Shopping is also very big here. The Magnificent Mile has a large array of stores to choose from, you won’t know where to start! There are up-scale restaurants and dining as well. So you can shop all day and have a break for a bite to eat not far away.


Chicago has so much history and information to be taken in when you visit. This is a place that is very easy to fall in love with. It is a great place and experience for groups of all sizes and ages. This is a trip that you won’t forget or regret.

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Sample Itineraries

3-Day Chicago Experience

Experience a dinner cruise, shopping, fireworks, shoreline sightseeing or a Seadog Speedboat ride available at the Pier!

    •  Jousting Tournament
    •  Broadway Play
    •  A Mile of Shopping

3-Day Chicago Tour

Great attractions, sky-scrapers, museums, and exciting entertainment all packed into one great group trip.

    •  Two Nights Lodging
    •  Two Museums
    •  15-Story Ferris Wheel

48 Hours of Fun in Chicago

Two days of excitement in The Windy City!

    •  Meet Sue the T-Rex
    •  Free Summer Concerts
    •  Dolphin Performances

Chicago 4-Day Group Tour

This Chicago tour is designed to give your group an exciting experience that combines many of the most popular attractions.

    •  Three Nights Lodging
    •  Three Museums
    •  Largest Indoor Aquarium

Chicago: Sky’s The Limit Tour

The sky's the limit on this Chicago trip, especially from atop the Navy Pier ferris wheel and the Willis Tower Skydeck!

    •  See a Million Dollars
    •  Meet Wild Animals
    •  Flight Simulation


Seadog Extreme Tours

Speed away from Chicago’s exciting Navy Pier on a whirlwind adventure on the open water of Lake Michigan. Rocket across the waves, spin in screamingly fun twists and turns, and zoom in a jet propelled speed boat with Seadog Extreme tours.

Each speed boat is equipped with twin 1400 horsepower engines, driving you and your group up to 45 miles per hour in open water where you will experience full 180-360 degree hairpin turns all while you’re rocking out to the music that plays loud and free from the sound system. The expert drivers guide your adventure with fun and fascinating narration and fabulously maneuvered, heart-pounding moves on the water. Get your adrenaline pumping with your whole group while visiting Chicago and have an adventure like no other.

For a tour that’s a little less exciting, Seadog also offers cruises that tour the architecture of Chicago’s skyline. Charter a relaxing cruise and customize your ride with your own music playlists, catering options, and more. Themed cruises are available for holidays such as Independence Day with beautiful views of the fireworks show and cruises which show off the summer fireworks which shoot off from Navy Pier.

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to participate and kids under 12 need an adult’s supervision to attend. This tour is 30 minutes of thrilling adventures on the open water with flat runs, tightly twisting spins, and a rocking, thrilling good time.

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360 Chicago

Cityscape from Sky

Credit John Hancock Observatory

The 360 Chicago observatory is the go-to destination for anyone who wants to experience the best views the city has to offer. This is an architectural wonder and played a large part in the development of what we know as the modern day Chicago. This building is called 360 Chicago for its breathtaking 360 degree view of Chicago from the 94th floor observatory. This building was originally known as the John Hancock Observatory in 1969 when it was officially opened and the name was only recently changed to 360 Chicago. This building is the fourth largest building in Chicago and the view is spectacular. Even better, there is now a thrilling new feature called TILT. This allows a section of the floor to tilt out so you can get the best view possible of this amazing city. Give your travel group the fantastic chance to see the city as you never have before and may never again. Panorama touch screens offer 360 degree views of the Chicago Skyline as well as information on the city’s history, culture, architecture, and natural scenery. This availability gives visitors the chance to see the city even when the weather is non-permitting. Children and adults both are offered multi-media audio tours that give off fascinating facts and history. This is an experience that any tourist or traveler will enjoy. Seeing the city of Chicago from such a unique angle will be something your group will never forget, and the beauty of the tilt will be inspiring.

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Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field Sign

Credit City of Chicago

For the baseball fans in your travel bunch, particularly Cubs fans, they can’t pass up a major opportunity for the fabulous Wrigley Field second in age just to Boston’s Fenway Park. Remember the well known minutes of Babe Ruth’s profession, Sammy Sosa’s homer record, and even… the ski hop occasions from the press box to the home plate. Wrigley Field has seen everything. The main ballpark permitting fans to keep foul balls takes you for a look away from public view and even on the field throughout your tour incorporating the field’s almost exceptionally old presence. Complete with roof situates, a customary hand-turned scoreboard and the soul of each baseball fan in the nation transmitting from the cheap seats to the playing field, this ballpark has significantly more to encounter past The Inviting Limits when you leave the wall for lunch in Wrigleyville.

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Navy Pier

Navy Pier

Credit City of Chicago

The Navy Pier is the place to go if you are a tourist in Chicago! Fireworks are displayed throughout the year. There are tons of attractions available for the public to see, including Circus Zircus, a circus that is run by kids! If your tour group wants an educational splash to their fun adventures, visit the Chicago Children’s Museum, where kids ten and under and their families get the chance to climb aboard a ship, hide in a treehouse, invent different machines, drive a fire truck, and make wonderful artistic masterpieces to take home! There are loads of fun activities for everyone to enjoy! You will love the amazing view of Lake Michigan. The construction of the Navy Pier was started May 1914 and in 1916 it became the largest pier in the world at 292 feet wide and 3000 feet long. It was used for all sorts of things, from attracting visitors and ships to being used by the military during the First World War. The introduction of cars meant the decline of the pier. People wanted to see movies or drive their brand new car instead. In 1927, it was named the Navy Pier in honor of the veterans of World War I. In 1976, the pier was restored and one year later declared as Chicago landmark! The 150 million dollars spent on the reconstruction in 1994 was well worth it, because once the renovation was completed the pier began seeing 8 million visitors each year! The Navy Pier is a place of large history with bundles of fun for everyone!

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Chicago Academy of Sciences

The Chicago Academy of Sciences is nearly one hundred twenty years old, almost the age of Chicago itself. When it was founded in 1857, it was the first scientific institution on the scene and it was one of the first museums in the West. Early sites of the Academy were destroyed by fire twice, the second time by the Great Chicago Fire. The building that currently stands was built in 1893 and cost one hundred thousand dollars. It has a classic and professional look to it and is in great condition considering its age and weathering. It was first founded for the “increase and diffusion of scientific knowledge” and has faithfully pursued that goal. The academy’s first attempt at achieving that goal through museum failed miserably, but it did however, do fantastic as a research institute! By the 1990’s the academy was serving over a fourth of Chicago public schools with educational programs and teacher preparation. If you want to see classic architecture and learn the fascinating story of the Chicago Academy of Sciences and how it evolved and changed over the years to become what it is today you need to visit the Chicago Academy of Sciences. Your educational travel group will love seeing the incredible detail and thought put into the impressive building that still stands today. If you find yourself in the Chicago area, don’t forget to swing by and take a look at this amazing and historic building that is sure to impress any young child!

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Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry Exterior

Credit City of Chicago

The Museum of Science and Industry is a fun filled museum full of interactive exhibits, tours, and demos that should be visited by anyone traveling to the Chicago area. Your educational travel group will get the amazing opportunity to see through first hand experimentation how tornados are made, and they will love the experience! Any educational travel group will learn the skills it takes to manufacture, and discover what happens when chemicals react. The archives include many things to peak a student’s interest. Nine decades of The Walt Disney Company’s history and nearly 300 artifacts that have not been widely seen by the public. Drawings, props, costumes, artwork, theme park attractions, and even live action films! The Future Energy of Chicago is a fast paced simulation game with the goal of creating a more sustainable city. There is always something new to look into when you visit the Museum of Science and Industry! Your educational travel group will love the game simulations and learning the history of something so popular as Walt Disney will surely get them excited! Physics, Chemistry, History, and reasoning all come into play to create a wonderful buffet of exhibits to choose from! See just how far science has come and exactly how it has influenced our day-to-day lives. Your educational travel group will never learn more than they will while you visit this wonderful and influential Museum of Science and Industry! Don’t miss your chance to enlighten the lives and minds of everyone in your educational travel group.

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Chicago Shoreline Sightseeing

The Chicago shoreline has got to be one of the most beautiful in the United States! Shoreline sightseeing is a family owned third generation company that has been in business since 1939, offering a number of different tours. Some of the awe-inspiring tours offered are Architecture Cruises, Skyline Tours, and fantastic evening firework displays! Your travel group will get many awe-inspiring views of the fantastic city we call Chicago. There are no age restrictions and you are offered views that can only be seen from the water. This experienced company knows just where to take you to give you the best sights that can be offered of the city of Chicago. Seeing the magnificence of the city skyline is a beauty that is often taken for granted by people who get the opportunity to see if every day. You will fall in love with the city at the first glance of this beautiful horizon! Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture your view of the ever-changing Chicago shoreline. Your travel group will love the chance to see so many beautiful sights of this city, and what a perfect background to take portrait style photos of every member of your group! This is your chance to capture a moment in time as perfect as a post-card, and you need to take advantage of it. Bring your group to see one of the most amazing sights Chicago has to offer! This will be a boat ride you won’t soon forget.

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ComedySportz of Chicago, Inc.

ComedySportz Teams

Credit ComedySportz

No rehearsals, no scripts, no memorized lines, that’s how Comedy Sportz performs. When you visit this performance, you will get the chance to provide the actors with the topic on which they create their comedy show! Comedy Sportz is an interesting improv show in which two teams battle for your laughter! Each show is driven by audience suggestion and interaction, which means each and every show is different! The best part, you decide who wins! Every night brings a different show, so there’s no reason to miss a chance to see Comedy Sportz in action! Don’t miss your exciting opportunity to see a show USA Today called “Innovative and hilarious”. This is a family friendly show that anyone would love to see! Comedy Sportz is a performance that is sure to make anyone crack a smile! This is a wonderful performance you can only truly enjoy if you see it live, so make no excuse to miss seeing the Comedy Sportz improv group perform right before your very eyes. Suggest anything you would like to see turned into a comedy skit and you will not be disappointed! This experienced and hilarious group will be a favorite in your visit to the Chicago city. Never before and never again will you see a group of people that work harder to make you laugh! Watch the way these talented comedians play off each other in a way that can only be described as experience and talent. This will be a refreshing addition to your travel experience.

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago Symphony Orchestra Onstage

Credit Chicago Symphony Orchestra

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1891 and is consistently titled as one of the greatest orchestras in the world. They perform over one hundred concerts each year and delight music lovers all around the globe. The beauty and professionalism displayed by this orchestra is beyond belief and their love of music shows in every performance! Any educational group would be thrilled at the opportunity to see a performance as memorable and unforgettable as this! Your educational travel group will see one hundred nine dedicated musicians striving towards a common goal and succeeding with every attempt in somehow managing to sound more and more magnificent with every appearance. The musicians display their passion for musical excellence and have received more Grammy awards than any other ensemble in the world! Conductors provide artistic vision and leadership to the organization that awe audiences around the world. Whoever it is that makes this orchestra so amazing, we thank you! This orchestra has a flawless appearance that can only come from years of self-discipline and practice that is sure to wow you! This is a truly unforgettable experience that will allow your group a time to think, ponder, and fall in love with live music, the way it was originally meant to be heard. Chicago is a great city full of art and opportunity, whatever the reason for visiting Chicago, your group should never miss out on the opportunity to see such an amazing orchestra performing at their best, as they do every night.

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Chicago Historical Museum

The Chicago Historical Museum is the place to go if you want to know about some of Chicago’s great history! An exhibit called Sensing Chicago allows children of all ages to discover the sights, smells, and sounds of the city of Chicago. Kids can ride a high-wheel bicycle down a wood-paved street, explore history through their nose with a smell map, be a Chicago-Style hotdog, and even catch a fly ball at Comiskey Park! There is something for everyone to do at this creative and fun filled museum! Learn about the Great Chicago Fire by using an oversized map, icons, and first-hand accounts to trace the path the devastating fire took and hear the sounds it made as it devoured building after building after building. This museum makes for a fun place for anyone to visit! A permanent exhibit called “Chicago: Crossroads of America” has a series of galleries, interactive features, and multimedia presentations. Your educational travel group may even get the change to climb aboard a train car! In the past, there have been showings of photographers as famous as Vivian Maier’s, who took phenomenal photographs of everyday life in urban America that wowed the world! This photographer had a way of taking pictures without the subject even realizing they were being captured in a work of art! Your educational group tour will get the incredible opportunity to see the reactions of people to horrible tragedies as well as the advancements that lead to the Chicago we know today!

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Blue Man Group

Blue Man GroupBlue Man Group is a performance group that combines music, technology, and comedy to create a form of entertainment that appeals to all ages. This innovative and energetic group gives off an experience like no other with each performance! As you may have guessed already, the blue man group is a group of man who paint themselves blue for each performance! The creativity, planning, and precise movements tell a story that is sure to make you laugh! While in the Chicago area, seeing this group perform would be an experience that surpasses that of any other form of music comedy. They are in a category all their own and any traveling group would be lucky to get the opportunity to see a group as talented as this perform live. Your educational travel group would love seeing the emotion expressed through body language and facial expressions. Add a splash of fun while you rest your feet! Your educational group tour will smile at the first sight of the Blue Man Group, and will be amazed at the comedy produced with such uniqueness. When you visit this show, you are almost guaranteed a fun time! Wouldn’t your group love to see a performance as universally comical as this one? Watch with delight as your travel group stares in awe at these strange and hilarious young men. Once you see one show you will want to come back and watch the unique Blue Man Group time and time again, as will your group!

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Chicago Auditorium Theatre

Chicago Auditorium Theatre

Credit Chicago Auditorium Theatre

The Chicago Auditorium Theatre is a miraculous building complete with large murals above the stage and on the ceiling, and the architecture is simply amazing. This auditorium is a large one, it seats 3,553 people and is seven stories tall, and more than half a city block wide. You’ll sure get some exercise finding your seat here! The walking is well worth it, each seat has a fantastic view of a different angle of the performance. This artistic building was the first large and lavish movie palace in America and soon became the prototype for all others. Construction cost nearly four million dollars for this beautiful jewel of a building. Since then it has been leaving visitors breathless with every entry and is called “the Wonder Theatre of the World”. Everything in this building is awe-inspiring, whether you come for the performance or just to look at the building, you are sure to leave pleased with your experience at the Chicago Auditorium Theatre! Visiting this building will be an experience like no other! Rarely are we presented with a building of such magnitude of attractiveness and grace such as this. This is a perfect place for anyone interested in the arts or in architecture to see a real life application of a person’s hard work and dedication, paired up with another person’s willingness to fund such a splendid building! A beautiful building wrapped up in a beautiful city with all kinds of fun and educational opportunities waiting around every corner! What’s not to love?

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Millennium Park

Millenium Park and Cloud Gate at Night

Credit City of Chicago

Architecture, landscape design, and art combine together to create a wonderful display of art exhibitions in Millennium Park. Beauty is found in every glance when your educational group tour comes to visit this amazing and infamous show of creativity in the human spirit. Millennium Park has many astounding aspects and has won many awards for the innovative features, and it’s no surprise, this park is well known for its beautiful design. While visiting this amazing park, your travel group will have the wonderful opportunity to see the Pritzker Pavilion, which is the centerpiece of the park. This is contemporary outdoor concert venue that seats 4,000 and has room for an additional 7,000 on the lawn. Concerts and other events are held at the Pritzker Pavilion once a week. You may also get to see the Harris Theatre, which is fantastic for indoor concerts and theatre such as ballet or chamber choir music. The Cloud Gate is perhaps one of the most famous pieces of art in the Millennium Park. This is the bean-shaped structure that was inspired by liquid mercury. It is one of the largest of its kind of sculpture in the world. It weighs 100 tons and measures 66 feet long and 33 feet high. Visitors are welcomed to walk under and touch this beautiful piece of art that reflects a warped image of the Chicago Skyline. There are tons of beautiful attractions to see in this amazing park! Your tour group is sure to love a visit as unique and remarkable as this.

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Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium Display with Planets

Credit City of Chicago

The Alder Planetarium has all kinds of fun space learning activities for your group to enjoy. Planetary Explorers is a fun exhibit that is sure to excite all visitors. This exhibit has three subsections, Exploring Earth, Exploring Space, and Exploring Planet X. Exploring Earth allows families to explore a home and backyard using electronic magnifying lenses that zoom in and display details on TV monitors. Exploring Space gives children the chance to role play as members of the Mission Control ground team. Families can conduct planetary research by operating rovers and space orbiters. Exploring Planet X lets young adventurers become explorers and research the surface of another planet far away. Caves and tunnels can be explored in search of water and other life. A trip to this planetarium will provide kids with all sorts of fun and factual activities they can participate in to further understand every aspect of space exploration! There is even a virtual exhibit of the universe and how we believe it has evolved over 13.7 billon years, all the way from the Big Bang to modern day. The display of our solar system will put any kid into a state of awe as they study the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids that orbit our source of life, the sun. When you visit the Alder Planetarium, you should prepare for a fun and educational experience that all kids will love. Don’t forget to take pictures! You’ll want to remember a time when your group is as happy as they will be when you visit this planetarium.

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Field Museum

field museumThe Field Museum has many astounding attractions! Some of the permanent attractions include SUE the T. rex, the largest, best preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found. She measures 42 feet long and has 58 lengthy teeth and is a great choice to take a selfie with! Another exhibit is “the Evolving Planet” which showcases four billion years of life on Earth and allows your educational travel group a chance to journey to the dinosaurs. While at the Field Museum, your educational tour group will get the outstanding opportunity to descend into an ancient Egyptian tomb and stare in awe at the Midwest’s largest collection of mummies! You can enter a Maori Meeting House in which actual sacred and religious rituals occurred in the New Zealand and Maori cultures, you can see ceremonial masks and treasures collected a century ago, and you can discover the workings of our human DNA! Your educational travel group will never be faced with the challenge of boredom when you visit a museum as unique and art filled as this! While at this wonderful museum, your travel group may even get the chance to see a 3D movie! Educational movies like Tiny Giants, and Titans of the Ice Age will let your feet rest while your mind runs! The Field Museum is a fantastic museum with all kinds of information to leave your head buzzing with thoughts! Your educational group tour will never forget the time they saw a real mummy and a gigantic dinosaur! If you want a museum that will force smile on a face and a fact into a mind, this is the museum for you!

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Willis Tower Skydeck

chicago willis tower skydeckVisit the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, the Willis Tower Skydeck, and see if you really are afraid of heights! The daring people in your group have the option to walk into the Ledge’s glass boxes, at a height of 1,353 feet in the air; they extend out 4.3 feet, making it possible to see up to four states! Imagine the fear the window washers must feel being up that high! Thankfully, no one is required to ascend the gigantic building. The building has six, roof mounted robotic window washing machines to tend to the over sixteen thousand windows displayed on this huge and miraculous building! Your educational travel group will have the amazing opportunity to see the world from a bird’s eye view! This place is open all year round and is full of interactive exhibits. While you are here, your group can read the autobiographies of people as famous as Oprah Winfrey! Your educational travel group will love the beautiful architecture and surroundings of the building. While inside, the building sets off an overall feel of optimism and pride for the human race. This is an experience that will heighten your love for the visual appealing. This would be a great place to visit for any art students, photography groups, aspiring designers, and rising architects! Seeing the world through the Ledge’s glass will brighten the day of everyone around you and is sure to be something you won’t soon forget! Join the twenty-five thousand people who visit the Willis Tower Skydeck daily!

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