Kansas City

Kansas City Downtown Skyline

Credit to KC Covention & Visitors Association

Kansas City Missouri is a great place for your adult group to visit. You will find entertainment attractions, museums, a variety of restaurants, and plenty of places to shop. The group will never run out of things to fill your days in the big city.

If your group is looking for entertainment in Kansas City, there are a variety of attractions to enjoy. You can listen to Jazz and Blues music, watch a comedy show at one of the comedy clubs, or watch a sporting event at one of the sports venues. One of the Jazz venues is known as the Blue Room which is also known as the American Jazz Museum offers visitors live Jazz music. There are several theme parks for your group to visit. One of the attractions is Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, which offers visitors a river tubing adventure. You can also ride slides and have a picnic in the park as part of the experience.

If you enjoy exploring fascinating museums, Kansas City has several of them to visit. One of the popular places to see is the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The Arabia was headed up the Missouri River in the fall of 1856, when she hit a tree snag and sank just north of Kansas City. You will find interesting artifacts at the museum. Another location is the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum, which contains personal and family memorabilia of America’s most famous aviatrix. The Money Museum is both entertaining and educational. Visitors will see interactive exhibits and learn how the Federal Reserve works.

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Sample Itineraries

3-Day Kansas City Highlight Tour

Your 3-Day Kansas City Highlight Tour combines many of the most popular attractions in Kansas City!

    •  Two Nights Lodging
    •  Three Museums
    •  Amusement Park


World of Fun/Oceans of Fun

Worlds of Fun Ride

Credit to KC Convention & Visitors Association

Groups of die-hard amusement and waterpark fans on Kansas City excursion looking for a rockin’ good time don’t have to argue about who goes where first! At everyone’s favorite Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun, a fantastic combined amusement/waterpark experience, guests can have it ALL; the only waiting will be in line for the rides- and a fast lane pass zips you right through! This 235-acre mega-universe of mild-to-wild , wet-and-wacky rides, special attractions, good, old-fashioned midway fare – including family-style bbq – and buckets of live entertainment serves up more fun than you can shake a stick at – “one park, one price-twice the thrills!” Test your mettle on rides like Detonator, RipCord, Thunder Hawk, all-new Steel Hawk and Mamba, or kick it family-style on Finnish Fling, Viking Voyager, Worlds of Fun Railroad and Grand Carousel – but be advised: little ones are VIPS at Planet Snoopy! Dinosaurs Alive is guaranteed to scare the stuffin’ out of you while Oceans of Fun’s Castaway Cove Adult Pool/swim-up bar, Diamond Head, Crocodile Isle, Monsoon, Predator’s Plunge and Shark’s Revenge – the list goes on – will ensure you plenty of chill time in and around the water; celebrate the 4th breathtaking fireworks shows at 10 pm Friday and Saturday nights. The World is your oyster at Worlds of Fun / Oceans of Fun in Kansas City – slide all day and ride all night – there are even cabins and cottages with all the amenities available to make your group’s playdate as convenient as possible – why waste time navigating traffic when you can wake up, freshen up and hit the parks ‘til bedtime? What could be better than THAT!?

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Money Museum

While your adult group is in Kansas City, you may want to visit the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank. The group will have the opportunity to take a tour of the facility during the visit. You can explore interactive exhibits, the Truman Coin Collection, the Cash Vault, a Gold Bar, and the Vault Store. Your group can take a self-guided tour of the location at your own pace. Museum staff is available to answer any questions. They also offer guided tours if you desire. During the experience, visitors will have the opportunity to see the interactive exhibits, millions of dollars in the region’s largest cash vault, design your own digital currency, and have a photo taken as a souvenir. The tour is one hour in length and is fun for visitors of all ages. The interactive exhibits are both interesting and educational. When you explore the exhibits, you can do things such as step into the shoes of a bank examiner, try to spot a counterfeit bill, and see what 40 million dollars looks like. The exhibits are designed to explain banking, the economy, and how the Fed works. The Gold Bar at the Money Museum weighs 387.29 troy ounces and was cast at the San Francisco Mint in 1959. The bar is worth approximately 400,000 dollars today. There is a screen near the display that calculates the bar’s value based on the changing market price of gold. You will have the opportunity to see if you can lift the solid gold bar as part of the experience.

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Schlitterbahn Waterpark

Is your group looking for a family-friendly attraction in the Kansas City area to visit? If so, you should spend a day getting soaked at Schlitterbahn Waterpark! You will find fun attractions along with souvenirs and quality cuisine at the location. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the experience. Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark has several rides and slides for visitors to enjoy. You will find rides such as the Bahnzai Pipeline, the Black Knight Tube Slide, Boogie Bahn, the Cyclone, Storm Blaster, and the new slide known as the Verruckt. The Veruckt is the tallest water slide in the world! During the ride, three members of the group will be blasted up a massive hill and then sent down a gut wrenching 50-foot drop! The Black Knight Tube Slide is a fully enclosed coiled slide. Guests will ride in the dark on this particular attraction. Storm Blaster is an uphill Master Blaster roller coaster. This is an exhilarating attraction that takes thrill to a new level. Riders will ascend to the top of a launch tower and are then sent down a three-story plunge. At this point, you will travel up through a series of peaks and dips before you enter the twisting tunnel that leads to the final splash. Schlitterbahn offers visitors a zip line attraction which is known as the Soaring Eagle ZipLine. One or two thrill seekers will be in a two seat chair lift. During the experience, you will be pulled swiftly backward to the ride’s peak 100 feet above Schlitterbahn’s rivers and slides. Riders will enjoy the breathtaking view of the park from the top of Schlitterbahn: Kansas City’s tallest ride.

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Missouri Town 1855

During your group visit to the Kansas City area, you should take some time and enjoy the experience at Missouri Town 1855 which consists of 30 sloping acres. You will see what a progressive farming community looked like in the mid-1800s. The location is composed of over 25 buildings dating from 1820 to 1860. It is a living history museum that uses original structures, furnishings and equipment. There are also interpreters dressed in period attire, authentic garden crops, and rare livestock breeds that depict lifestyles during the 19th century. There are a variety of educational workshops that are offered during the year where your group will learn about different aspects of life during the 1850s. One of the options is known as Soap Making which is for adults only. During the class, visitors will be instructed on how to make soap and will be able to take home your own bar as an extra bonus. You will use the cold water method and you will use lye and lard to make the product. Another fascinating workshop is the Hearth Cooking Class for adults. During this activity, your group will cook over a hearth and also use Dutch ovens 1800s style. You will get to eat what you have made at the conclusion of the class. The buildings at Missouri Town 1855 are fascinating for visitors to explore. You will find places such as a Settler’s House from 1860, the Colonel’s House from 1855, a Smokehouse, a Tavern from 1850, a Schoolhouse from 1860, and the Mercantile. The Mercantile played a crucial role in the establishment of the crossroads village. This is the place where local farm families with a limited cash income could barter farm produce or buy on credit factory-made and imported goods.

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Harley Davidson Tour

Harley Davidson Factory

Credit Harley Davidson

In 1901, William Harley who was 21 at the time completed a blueprint drawing of an engine designed to fit into a bicycle. During the year of 1906, there was a factory constructed on the Chestnut Street site, which was later called Juneau Avenue. In 1914, the Motor Company formally entered motorcycle racing. Your adult group trip to Kansas City will not be complete unless you take a Harley-Davidson Factory Tour. The tour allows visitors to have a behind-the-scenes look at various areas of the factory and motorcycle parts being put together. The tour is known as the Steel Toe Tour. During the experience, the group will have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the Sportster, the Dyna, and the V-Rod model families. You will also learn about Harley-Davidson history. This is the only Harley-Davidson factory tour where you will have the chance to see a Harley-Davidson powertrain and vehicle assembled and brought to life. As part of the tour, the group will be taken through the manufacturing of parts such as fuel tanks, frames, and fenders. Guests will also get to get to go through some employee only areas of the factory in paint and polish. The group is required to wear safety gear such as a safety vest, safety glasses, and steel toe protection. These items are all provided by the factory. The group can have a photo taken as part of the experience. The tour will last two hours and the route is subject to change.

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Boulevard Brewing Company Tours

Boulevard Brewing Company

Credit to KC Convention & Visitors Association

While your adult group is in Kansas City, you should visit the Boulevard Brewing Company, which was established in 1989. The company offers group tours as part of the experience. You can also purchase a variety of homemade beer and dry souvenirs. One of the tours offered is known as the Smokestack Tour. During the experience, you will be led by a bona fide beer expert. At the beginning of the tour, the group will have the opportunity to have an up-close and-personal exploration of the equipment and processes behind the company’s Smokestack series of beers. At the conclusion of the tour, you will have a tasting session and food-pairing segment. The tour is 90 minutes long. Another option is the Unfiltered Tour which is tailored for small groups. During the tour, visitors will see areas that are normally off-limits. This tour is 90 minutes in length. You will pause along the way and taste some of their eclectic offerings and receive a token of appreciation from Boulevard as an extra bonus. There is another unique tour offered which is known as the Tasting Room Tour. The Tasting Room has tap towers that rotate with a lineup of year-round core beers, seasonal offerings, a Smokestack brew or two, and occasionally brewery-exclusive test beers, and other special treats. There will be staff on hand to answer questions about their beers, the brewing process and culture. If you are a fan of souvenirs with the beer theme, Boulevard Brewing Company has plenty to offer. You will find items such as hats, scarves, hoodies, jackets, coasters, glasses and bags. They also sell a selection of beers including their popular Smokestack Series.

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Arabia Steamboat Museum

As your group is looking for interesting historical attractions to visit in the Kansas City area, you may want to explore the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The Arabia was built in the boat-yard of John S. Pringle in 1853. She survived for three years of service on the shallow and unpredictable Western river system. In 1856, the steamboat was loaded with over 200 tons of winters supplies for delivery to the western frontier. The boat hit a snag and sank to the bottom of the river. You will find fascinating exhibits at the museum that display many artifacts. The group can take a tour of the Arabia Steamboat Museum as part of the experience. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to examine Arabia’s amazing collection of artifacts. You will also enjoy a short presentation film in the Paddlewheel Theater. The film is about the life and rediscovery of the Steamboat Arabia. The tour is 90 minutes in length. You will also pass beside the Arabia’s engines and boilers which are located on its 171 foot-long replicated wood-plank deck. The museum has a gift shop where the group can shop for items that are unique to the Arabia Steamboat Museum or, memorabilia of your visit to Kansas City, Missouri. There are various rooms you will visit during your tour of the museum. One of the rooms is known as the Hull Room which has the Stern of the Steamboat Arabia’s massive hull. The rudder and tiller arm were used to steer the steamboat up the mighty Missouri River. Another interesting room is the Cargo Gallery which contains a variety of artifacts. You will find items such as European dishware, tools, firearms, writing instruments, lamps, and clothing.

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Hallmark Visitors Center

While your group is visiting Kansas City, you should stop by the Hallmark Visitors Center. You will find interesting exhibits that demonstrate the Enovation and creativity that go into making Hallmark products. Hallmark has called Kansas City home for over 100 years. The company creates greeting cards and other products in 30 languages that reach 100 countries around the world. One of the exhibits is known as Hallmark Live which is where you will meet the creators of some of Hallmark’s most popular products, such as their Keepsake Ornaments. There will be individuals such as a writer, designer, photographer, or sculptor at the exhibit to talk with the group. The Hallmark Art Collection is another interesting exhibit for the group to explore. Visitors will have the opportunity to view original works of art that were created for the covers of Hallmark cards. You will see works from individuals such as Saul Steinberg, Grandma Moses, and Sir Winston Churchill. The group will also learn the story behind Norman Rockwell’s famous painting which is known as The Kansas City Spirit. The original is at the Hallmark Visitors Center and there are prints available to purchase as a souvenir. The Hallmark Hall of Fame exhibit is fascinating and unique. Your group will have the opportunity to see an Emmy Award up close and watch classic clips from television’s most honored series – the Hallmark Hall of Fame. The exhibition showcases more than 60 years of award-winning television programming, along with the talented actors the series attracts.

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City Market

During your adult group visit to Kansas City, you may want to explore the City Market. Visitors can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions in an open-air setting. The City Market has been in operation for 150 years. They host concerts, festivals, and other special events during the year. If you want to shop until you drop, the City Market offers visitors a variety of locations to find interesting merchandise. You can shop at places such as Carollo’s Gourmet Grocery and Deli, Crossland International Market, the Taste of Brazil Market, So Young’s Fashions, and Emblazon Card and Gifts. When you shop at Crossland International Market, you will find imported items from Africa and the Caribbean. They have Halal Meats, wheat, dried beans, peas, and curry, and other seasonings. Emblazon Card and Gifts has home accessories and souvenirs in a variety of themed areas. You will find themes such as Egyptian, Native American, and wildlife. Are you searching for quality food? If so, the City Market has plenty of choices for the group to sample. You can dine at restaurants such as Minsky’s Café, Burrito Bros, Kaldi’s Coffee and Hungry Monkey Bites. When you visit Hungry Monkey Bites, the group can purchase delicious snack food and beverages. They offer Chicago Style cheese popcorn, seasoned candied pecans, and the Hungry Monkey signature cookie, which is known as the “Oat-Choc-Wal Cookie.” Burrito Bros offers a variety of Mexican food such as quesadillas, Mexican pizzas, salads, burritos and tacos. The City Market hosts several special events year-round for your group to attend. You can enjoy concerts, the Art of the Machine Car Series, and classes at the Farm to Table Kitchen. They also have a community yard sale on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Chip’s Chocolate Factory

When your adult group is planning a trip to Kansas City, you may want to visit the Chip’s Chocolate Factory. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty treat and take a tour of the facility as part of the experience. The factory also has several items for you to purchase. The tour is known as the Chocology Education Tasting Experience and is perfect for any group size. During the tour, your group will learn about the history of chocolate, the process of making fudge, and the various stages of how cacao beans are turned into chocolate. Your group will have the opportunity to see the cacao beans in different stages such as nibs and powder. You will learn how it is harvested. The confectioner will also discuss beans being made into dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. When your guide discusses the history of chocolate, you will hear about different parts of the process. Specifically, they will talk about where it is grown, how it is harvested, and how it is made. The group will be given goodie bags filled with chocolate treats during the tour. The tour is 45 minutes long. The group will have the opportunity to witness the process of making delicious creamy fudge without marshmallows or cream in the recipe. Visitors will see steps in the process such as mixing, cooking, and how the mixture is cooled on special marble slab tables. Visitors will also witness a candymaker transform fresh ingredients into a loaf of smooth, creamy, fudge, and create unique chocolate confections. Chip’s has been making chocolate for over 30 years.

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The Plaza

This upscale 55 acre, 15-block shopping district and exclusive neighborhood just south of downtown Kansas City tenders visitors a perfect mix of high-end shops, mainstream retailers, dining establishments, luxurious accommodations and popular entertainment venues and is named as one of the World’s “60 best places” by Project for Public Spaces, a nonprofit organization based in New York dedicated to creating and sustaining public places that build communities. Opened in 1923 as the first shopping center to accommodate those arriving by automobile, the basic design of the Country Club Plaza reflects lovely classic European influences, with multi-themed works of art – sculpture, murals, mosaics and architectural reproductions – tastefully showcased throughout the area and fabulously intricate fountains sprouting from the beautiful landscape; parking is completely concealed in multi-
level garages beneath and behind shops or situated out of plain view on rooftops, eliminating the sprawling gauntlets of unsightly lots. The district’s many storefronts include Anthropology, Ann Taylor, Barnes and Noble, Bath and Body Works, Banana Republic, Chico’s, The Coach Store, Cupcake A La Mode, Eddie Bauer, Mac Cosmetics, Moosejaw, N. Valentino, The North Face, The Better Cheddar, Soft Surroundings, Sur La Table, Tommy Bahama, Tiffany and Company, Three Dog Bakery, Restoration Hardware, Sunglass Hut, Urban Outfitters, Very Bradley, Victoria’s Secret and Williams Sonoma; dozens of cafes and restaurants including The Cheesecake Factory, Jack Stack BBQ, Gram and Dun, Bucca de Beppo, McCormick’s and Schmick’s, Chaz on the Plaza, Panera Bread and Starbucks ensure your favorite menu – casual sweet bite, homestyle Italian, classic surf and turf or elegant repast – is right around the corner from your last shopping spree. The Plaza’s annual “Season of Lights” is kicked off on Thanksgiving Night during a grand televised celebration in observance of the longstanding tradition of ushering in the Christmas Season with a special guest or celebrity “flipping the switch” to a dazzling display of holiday lights that shine thru the New Year. Whether you’re coming to shop, dine or even stay for a few days, the Plaza is the place to be!

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Royals & Kauffman Stadium

While your adult group is visiting Kansas City, you may want to take a tour of Kauffman Stadium. The location is the home baseball field of the Kansas City Royals baseball team. Baseball fans of all ages will enjoy this unique experience. There are a few tours available for the group to consider. You can take the Group Tour, the All Access Tour, the Legends Tour, or the Grand Slam Tour. During the Group Tour, you will have the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the stadium. The group will see areas such as the Press Box, the Royals Interview Room, and the Royals Dugout. The tour is one hour in length. The Grand Slam Tour is two hours long. Each guest will receive a stretched canvas Kauffman Stadium picture and an exclusive Kauffman Stadium baseball cap. During the experience, you will see areas that are normally off-limits such as the Dugout Suite, the BATS Crown Club, the KIA Diamond Club, and the Royals Hall of Fame. The Legends Tour is a 90-minute experience. During the tour, your adult group will have the opportunity to visit the Royals Hall of Fame, the Interview Room, and take part in the outfield experience. The Royals Hall of Fame is a museum where your group will be educated and entertained. There are interesting exhibits for you to observe during the visit. One of the galleries is the Clubhouse Lobby Gallery which contains exhibits such as Retired Numbers, the Ash Wood Wall, and Predecessor Teams Panels. The Ash Wood Wall contains the history of professional baseball in Kansas City from its very beginning in 1884. There are images and headlines that tell the story of the eight teams to call Kansas City home.

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