2-Day Washington DC Tour

When you’re short on time your group can still enjoy the highlights of our Nation’s Capital. Exploring America has created the perfect two day itinerary. You can see all the highlights of Washington DC in two action packed days. You will get the chance to experience Capitol Hill as well as the amazing Smithsonian Museums. The Air & Space and Natural History museums are always a favorite with groups. It’s time to get out of the classroom and experience the world. A trip to Washington DC is a perfect way to experience the U.S. government first hand!

Day 1

Capitol Hill Tour
Your tour of this thrilling government building includes the Old Senate Chamber and Supreme Court, galleries to the House and Senate today, and the beautiful rotunda with sculptures and breathtaking design.


Meet Your Congressman
We can often arrange for your group to meet with their member of congress when they visit the Capitol. This personal experience helps government come alive like never before and certainly makes the tour of Capitol Hill even more amazing.


Supreme Court Tour
The Supreme Court tour is filled with both history and current events. You can witness the workings of the Court when it’s in session or on off-days experience lectures on this fascinating branch of our government.


White House Area Walk-By
No Washington D.C. experience quite compares to a tour of the White House. This luxurious home is practically a work of art. In every room of the tour you’ll see further proof that the home of our President was indeed built to impress. If scheduling doesn’t allow this amazing tour, never fear. The White House Visitor’s Center gives you an in-depth look at the White House, its history, and that of the First Families from the past. This insider’s glimpse is almost better than the real thing.


Monuments and Memorials Tour
Washington D.C. is famous for the monuments and memorials on the National Mall – like the stunning architectural structures for Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson, the powerful Washington Monument, and the war memorials. After dark, each is beautifully illuminated, making this tour as breathtaking at night as it is fascinating during the day.

Day 2

Holocaust Museum
The Holocaust Museum is beautifully divided between the three phases of World War II and Daniel’s Story, a self-guided telling of the Nazi assault through the eyes of one young boy who lived and kept a journal through it.


National Archives
If the story of our country’s founding inspires you already, imagine seeing the documents of its birth with your own eyes. The US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence are just three of the fascinating pieces to witness firsthand at the National Archives.


Air & Space Museum
One of the favorite Smithsonian museums, The Air & Space Museum is dedicated to human invention in flight. It has more artifacts from air and space travel than any other museum, and you’ll be inspired by each and every one – from the Spirit of St. Louis to the Apollo 11 command module and so much more.


Natural History Museum
The exhibits in this museum bring you closer to the land and to the sea. They showcase mammals, ocean life, curiously-colored gem stones and everyone’s favorite prehistoric reptile, the dinosaur. The Natural History Museum is a fascinating celebration of our earth.

As you can see, even a two-day tour of the capital allows you to see some of its favorite sites. Contact your personal travel professional today for this tour or to include other D.C. favorites like Arlington National Cemetery or any of the other amazing Smithsonian museums.

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