3-Day Baltimore Group Tour

This 3-Day Baltimore Tour is a great group tour. The city has invested heavily into the Inner Harbor Region, a favorite of tour groups. At the Inner Harbor, you will find plenty of fun and exciting things to do, including the National Aquarium & Harborplace-a true urban market with over 160 of the most popular shops in the United States.


USS Constellation
The USS Constellation is a restored Civil War-era ship. This amazing piece of history is anchored at Boston’s Inner Harbor and this is a perfect landmark for your group to see.


Inner Harbor Region
The Inner Harbor region is one of America’s oldest seaports. This port, dated from the 1600s is a popular tourist spot. This amazing waterway is home to many eateries, stores, museums, entertainment, and kid’s attractions. Your group will have a blast at this bustling harbor.


Fort McHenry
This historic fort is the same fort that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the National Anthem. Make a stop by this destination and step into history with your group.


Camden Yards Tour
This is the perfect tour for baseball fans. Visit the Camden Yards to see where the Orioles play and get a behind the scenes tour of the park. This is a fun tour that groups always love.


National Aquarium
This is one of Baltimore’s most popular attractions. This aquarium features five levels and two glass pyramids. This amazing aquarium houses everything from marine mammals, birds and reptiles to over 5,000 species of fish. Your travel group will surely love the seal pool, daily dolphin shows and a tropical rainforest, complete with sloths and piranhas.


Maryland Science Center
This is a museum located in the popular Harborplace. This is a perfect place to stop by and see while perusing through Harborplace.


Six Flags America
Go to nearby Six Flags America and give your tour group a chance to let loose and have fun.


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