3-Day Washington DC Tour

Your 3-day group tour in Washington D.C. should be rich with American history, fascinating museums, beautiful memorials and government buildings. You’ll find any number of photo ops in this city rich with artistic and neoclassic design. Below you’ll find a sample itinerary.

Keep in mind that we customize each and every tour. You can make changes and substitutions to this itinerary through any of our travel professionals.


Arlington National Cemetery
This national landmark is sure to be one of the most moving experiences on your tour. You’ll recognize Arlington National Cemetery by the remarkably identical white gravestones throughout its grounds. A map helps you identify the gravesites for famous American heroes. The gravesites for two presidents are here and the Robert E. Lee Museum. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is always a popular part of your visit to this memorable attraction, including the powerful changing of the guard.


Embassy Row
Massachusetts Avenue, and a few adjoining streets, is home to most foreign embassies maintaining a presence in our nation’s capital. You’ll be amazed by the sheer number of countries represented and inspired by the stunning architecture of what was once Washington D.C.’s most elite residential area.


International Spy Museum
You’re going to love the International Spy Museum featuring all things espionage. You’ll learn about the history of spying as a profession. You’ll hear from those who’ve done it and discover the tools of the trade. You’ll be amazed at how espionage has played into past historical events, and you’ll learn about its important role today.


Ford’s Theater and Peterson House
You know this landmark as the theater in which President Lincoln was shot and the home where he was then carried and later died. The impact of those hours come alive for you in these attractions, the box seat of the theater arranged just as it was that night, specially decorated for Lincoln’s arrival



White House Area Walk-By
A tour of the most famous residence in the country will probably be the most anticipated part of your agenda. And it won’t disappoint. The home is beautiful and deliberately designed to impress. Don’t worry if a tour isn’t available in your time frame, though. The White House Visitor’s Center offers an excellent glimpse into the famous home as well as a look at First Families from the past and all kinds of interesting facts about the White House itself.


Museum of Natural History
One of the most popular of the Smithsonian museums, you’re going to love the fascinating collections in the Museum of Natural History. Its exhibits include dinosaurs, ocean life, gem stones, and studies of our atmosphere and soil. Each amazing treasure increases your understanding of the land, the sea, and ancient culture.


National Museum of the American Indian
Dedicated to America’s first inhabitants, the Museum of the American Indian showcases the history of Native Americans as well as the artwork, craftsmanship, and costumes from their fascinating culture. The museum features other indigent tribes as well from Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. You’ll be fascinated by each and every piece as well as the museum’s dedication to the integrity of the spiritual and religious significance they still carry today.



Supreme Court
The beautiful building that holds the judicial branch of our government is just the first thing that will impress you on your visit to the nation’s Supreme Court. Inside, the building astounds still further, and the exhibits and sculptured busts open your eyes to the history of the Court, its role in our democracy, and the judges who have graced its famous bench. Watch the court in session on given days or enjoy a lecture in the famous room itself.


Capitol Hill Tour
There’s a lot happening on Capitol Hill. The grounds and architecture are completely awe-inspiring. You’ll experience history in the Old Supreme Court and Senate Chambers, experience the beautiful rotunda and enjoy the sculptures in the National Statuary as well as throughout the rest of the building. The third floor is perhaps the most exciting, however, as they lead to the viewing galleries for the Senate and House of Representatives.


Air and Space Museum
This museum tells the story of human flight with more artifacts from air and spacecrafts than any other museum. You’ll see the 1903 Wright brother’s airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, and the Apollo 11 command module – just to name a few. The Air and Space Museum is sure to inspire you with its celebration of human invention and discovery in flight.


National Archives
Beneath the beautiful rotunda of this amazing attraction, you can view the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. And that’s only the beginning of the famous and awe-inspiring documents, letters, and artifacts you’ll witness firsthand in this amazing collection of U.S. history.


Lincoln Memorial
One of the most familiar presidential memorials in Washington D.C., the Lincoln Memorial is beautifully designed in the neoclassic architecture popular with our founding fathers. It is filled with Lincoln’s own profound words and inspiring speeches. This is sure to be one of the most memorable sites on your tour.


Jefferson Memorial
This memorial is modeled after the Pantheon of Rome. You’ll certainly feel you’re in the presence of greatness beneath Jefferson’s statue and surrounded by his writings. The presidential memorials are just some of the moving experiences on the National Mall, and we hope you get to see each and every one.


WWII Memorial
The National World War II Memorial is a beautiful resting place and prominent landmark on the famous National Mall. It has several components – the Freedom Wall dedicated to fallen heroes, the pillars to represent every state, territory, and commonwealth in the union, as well as the large steps and beautiful fountains that make it such a popular and refreshing attraction.


Washington Monument
The Washington Monument is perhaps the most recognizable landmark in the city and is, quite deliberately, the most prominent. Its imposing height and structure were chosen to honor George Washington’s prominent role in our history. The exhibits dedicated to him are fascinating.

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