3-Day New York City Tour

Experience New York City on this exciting 3-day group tour. Visit the most popular attractions the Big Apple has to offer as you tour one of the top group travel destinations in the US. The suggested itinerary below includes visits to the Empire State Building, Central Park, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and more.



Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall is located in Rockefeller Center. It was named for the most popular entertainment media at the time of its inception – radio. It originally showcased a live music variety show not nearly as successful as the live shows performed there today – namely the yearly Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the famous Rockettes, named for their prominent place in Rockefeller Center. Radio City Music Hall has shown its share of movies as well as live shows through the years. It is a fixture for special events and entertainment as well as a historical New York City landmark.


Times Square
Times Square is one of the most recognizable intersections. It is home to many famous events such as Good Morning America and the annual ball dropping on New Year’s Eve. Your group will have an endless amount to explore hear with an overwhelming number of restaurants, museums, and stores. Some of the most familiar include; Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co., Toys R Us, Hershey’s, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and Madame Tussaud’s. Time Square can be extremely crowded but it is a spectacular site for any group to have the opportunity to see.


Broadway Play
Broadway offers top of the line productions by only the best performers that have worked a lifetime for the chance to see their name in lights!


NBC Morning Show
Your free time this morning commences with multiple opportunities for your group to wave, cheer, talk and clap during the filming of the morning show!


Central Park Tour
Central Park is possibly one of the most famous parks in the country. This park consists of 843 acres that sits in the middle of New York City’s metropolis. Central Park is maintained and ran by the Central Park Conservancy crew.
There is so much to see and do at Central Park; from bike trails to the Victorian Carnival and Central Park Zoo.
Central Park Zoo is great for all ages. The variety of animals available to see is almost endless. There is sure to be an animal that every member of your group falls in love with.


Macy’s Herald Square
If your group wants to do a little shopping, look no further than the huge iconic shopping bag; a real shopper’s paradise. Macy’s Herald Square in New York City will attract and delight any group tour! With ten and a half levels of shopping and restaurants, your group is sure to find what they are looking for. “America’s Largest Department Store” covers an entire city block. Fill your brain with fun facts and innovative design as your tour travels through the store with one of their knowledgeable staff members, possibly even taking a ride on one of the working wooden escalators! Macy’s even offers programs for groups ranging from cooking seminars to beauty and fashion.


Empire State Building
You cannot miss the Empire State Building if you are coming to New York City. This building towers around a quarter mile above Manhattan, making it very easy to spot. Not only is it one of New York Cities most well known landmarks, but it is also a National Historic landmark as well. There is an observatory that your group can go to and see New York from above. The view from up here is spectacular so don’t forget your camera!


Ellis Island
About half of the Americans that live here today had ancestors that arrived to America through Ellis Island. This arrival was in hope of starting over and finding the freedom in a new life in America. However, for most it was not an easy trip into the country, and for some, they were turned away and denied access into America. Sometimes this denial even split families apart. For these reasons the island became known as the “Island of Tears”. There is a museum held here as well that shares the story of thousands of immigrants through suitcases, photos, and actual workers at the time.


Statue of Liberty
Probably the most recognizable attraction in the whole United States, the Statue of Liberty is located on 12-acre Liberty Island in the New York City harbor. This beautiful statue was a gift from the French. While she took nine years to construct in France, upon her arrival in America after she had been crated into 350 separate pieces she only took four months to assemble in her new home. She stands as a universal symbol of democracy and freedom, especially for immigrants as they approached the island. She actually served a term of 16 years as a lighthouse when she first arrived! You’ll learn even more about the history and symbolism on the Promenade tour which takes you behind the scenes of this enormous sculpture. The observatory tour lets you climb one step further to the observation balcony where you can see spectacular views of the New York City harbor. Lady Liberty’s full name is Liberty Enlightening the World. She is modeled after the Roman goddess Libertas, (except for her face which was created in the likeness of the sculptor’s own mother) the goddess of freedom worshipped by the freed slaves of the country. With broken chains enveloping her sandaled feet, Liberty is built to appear as though she is walking forward toward progress, not standing still. To put to bed the rumors, her crown is in fact open to tourists but only advanced reservations can guarantee entry! Standing between your tour group and the top of the crown is a whopping 393 steps. For those still building up wind power in the lungs, an elevator is available inside her 305 foot tall structure. The crown is comprised of seven points, each one represents a different sea and a different continent, all after one sacred goal: peace.


9/11 Memorial 
Construction of the 9/11 Memorial commemorates the devastation that claimed the World Trade Center in 2001. This new structure that stands in its place is not only educational in nature with photos, artifacts and audio stories, but provides a sanctuary for grieving families and friends of those who were lost.


Trinity Church
This exquisite Gothic Revival style church is over 300 years old and offered services to many familiar names in our history, including George Washington.


Wall Street Tour
On this excursion you will discover why they say, “money never sleeps” and what the Financial Crisis means for us.

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