4-Day Washington DC Tour

Washington, DC, is the most popular tour destination for groups. Since Washington, DC, has so many sites and attractions to offer, there is always plenty to see and do. All of our tours feature a visit to Capitol Hill and a visit with your congressman (we arrange both). The Supreme Court and the White House are also extremely popular.

DC also boasts the best monuments and memorials which honor the contributions of men like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and FDR. Arlington National Cemetery honors the fallen heroes of our nation and offers unique ceremonies which are a must with each visit. Finally, Washington, DC, has some of the best museums in the world-the Smithsonians. Your group will be able to visit as many as you like in your customized tour.


Arlington National Cemetery
Your tour begins with one of the most moving attractions in our nation’s capital. Arlington Cemetery is as memorable for its remarkably similar white gravestones as it is for the powerful changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There are many things to discover in this cemetery with its amphitheater, two presidential gravesites, and Robert E. Lee Museum. A map helps you locate its most fascinating highlights.


Iwo Jima Memorial
The powerful figures in this sculpture are thirty-two feet in height, an incredibly moving replica of the famous photo taken during World War II as soldiers raised the US flag on Iwo Jima. The memorial is officially dedicated to all members of the United States Marine Corps who served before and since that memorable scene.


FDR Memorial
Franklin Delano Roosevelt endeared himself to the American people through his weekly fireside chats, leading them through the Great Depression and World War II, and securing their votes three times in succession. He held the office longer than any other US President, and FDR’s memorial is a beautiful set of rooms and fountains honoring all four terms.


Mt. Vernon
George Washington called Mt. Vernon, “pleasantly situated.” You’ll probably agree as you explore its extensive grounds and get a fascinating glimpse at the Washington’s elegant life on this beautiful, historic estate.



International Spy Museum
It is the mission of the International Spy Museum to enlighten its visitors on all things espionage – through stories, video, tools of the trade, and a fascinating look at the role of spies through history. You’ll certainly learn more than you ever knew about the trade and about its importance today. You will possibly even sleep better at night.


Library of Congress
The Library of Congress is such an astounding collection of books, manuscripts, films, sheet music, documents, and recordings that it takes three buildings to contain it. A part of Capitol Hill, this attraction will truly be a fascinating part of your tour.


Air & Space Museum
The Air and Space Museum is a favorite among the Smithsonian’s facilities and for many of our groups. The story it tells of the human interest in flight and space exploration begins with pieces like the amazing Spirit of St. Louis. It celebrates the jet age and introduces space exploration with fascinating exhibits like the Apollo 11 command module.


Museum of Natural History
You’ll recognize the Museum of Natural History by the green dome, chosen to represent the beautiful wonder of our amazing earth.



Supreme Court Tour
This imposing structure holds the most famous court in the nation. You’ll get to view the inside of it, witnessing its fascinating proceedings when the Supreme Court is in session or the daily lectures when it’s not. Beyond that, the amazing building holds sculptured busts of chief justices from the past, historic portraits and further information about this famous third branch.


Capitol Hill Tour
It’s difficult to say what will fascinate you more about Capitol Hill, its stunning architectural design or its energy. After all, there’s a lot going on here on any given day. There are several hundred tile designs as just part of the beautiful detail in its interior, and older chambers are packed with history.


Meet Your Congressman
Meet Your Congressman is an exciting experience we set up for each of our D.C. tours. A face-to-face meeting with your own member of congress makes this Capitol experience even more thrilling and helps government truly come alive.


National Archives
See firsthand the US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights in all their original glory. And that’s just the beginning of the fascinating exhibits at the National Archives.


Union Station
Though no longer used for train travel, Union Station is still a hub of activity. It’s the most visited attraction in Washington D.C., and you’ll soon see why with its classic D.C. architecture, a delicious variety of restaurants, popular stores and boutiques, and even a movie theater.



White House Area Walk-By
Almost every group hopes to make the White House a part of its Washington D.C. tour, and it’s worth the effort. Luxurious furniture and design, brilliant color, beautiful portraits throughout – the White House was built to impress. If scheduling just won’t allow, the White House Visitor’s Center is a much more convenient way to experience the details of the White House, providing photos, video, and insight you won’t find anywhere else.


Holocaust Museum
One of the most moving experiences in the capital, the National Holocaust Museum takes you through the three phases of World War II and Hitler’s Nazi Assault. It tells the history through personal accounts with one section of the museum a powerful telling through the eyes of Daniel, a boy who lived through it and wrote of the tragic era in his journals.


Washington Monument
Any location in the city can be defined by its direction from this prominent structure. The Washington Monument is the tallest in the city, a tribute to George Washington’s unparalleled role in our history. You’ll love the history in its museum at the bottom and its amazing view from the top.


Lincoln Memorial
You’ll immediately recognize the Lincoln Memorial since its image appears on our money, but nothing compares to seeing this imposing statue face-to-face, surrounded by Lincoln’s own memorable words.


Vietnam & Korean War Memorials
You’ll know the haunting black wall of the Vietnam War Memorial when you see it, but the figures of soldiers in the Korean War Memorial may be less familiar. Each memorial has several fascinating parts and each beautifully honors its heroes.

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