4-Day DC & Williamsburg

Spend three days in Washington, DC, and a day in historic Williamsburg. This tour will allow you to explore the history and government of the United States. Discover how our nation came to be and how it operates today.

Popular attractions on this tour include Arlington National Cemetery, Supreme Court, Colonial Williamsburg, and much more!


Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington national Cemetery is easily recognizable by the remarkably identical white gravestones throughout its grounds. A map helps you identify the grave sites for famous American heroes. Also the graves for two presidents, John F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft, are located in the cemetery along with the Robert E. Lee Museum. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is always a popular part of your visit to this memorable attraction, including the powerful changing of the guard.


Embassy Row Tour
Take a tour down the street where several countries’ embassies are located.


Monuments and Memorials Tour
The Washington Monument is the tallest in the city, a tribute to George Washington’s unparalleled role in our history. You’ll love the history in its museum at the bottom and its amazing view from the top. You’ll immediately recognize the Lincoln Memorial since its image appears on our money, but nothing compares to seeing this imposing statue face-to-face, surrounded by Lincoln’s own memorable words. You’ll know the haunting black wall of the Vietnam War Memorial when you see it, but the figures of soldiers in the Korean War Memorial may be less familiar. Each memorial has several fascinating parts and each beautifully honors its heroes.


Ford’s Theatre
As a living tribute to Abraham Lincoln’s love of the performing arts, Ford’s Theatre presents plays and musicals underscoring multiculturalism and highlighting the eclectic character of American life. With productions from September through June, Ford’s Theatre is both a working theatre and a historical monument open to the public.


Petersen House



Capitol Hill Tour
It’s difficult to say what will fascinate you more about Capitol Hill, its stunning architectural design or its energy. After all, there’s a lot going on here on any given day. There are several hundred tile designs as just part of the beautiful detail in its interior, and older chambers are packed with history. Meet Your Congressman: This exciting experience is one we set up for each of our D.C. tours. A face-to-face meeting with your own member of congress makes this Capitol experience even more thrilling and helps government truly come alive.


Supreme Court Tour
The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. Visitors can watch an oral argument when the court is in session or enjoy regularly-scheduled lectures when the court is not in session.


National Archives
The National Archives is home to the original Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as other historical American documents and records.


Museum of American History
Also known as “America’s Attic,” the Museum of American History houses such treasures as the First Ladies’ inaugural gowns, Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers, and the flag that inspired “The Star-Spangled Banner.” In the museum’s Hands-on History Room, young visitors can explore American history with more than 30 special activities, such as operating a cotton gin and sending a message. In the Hands-on Science Room, kids can explore the scientific and social issues addressed in the museum. A new transportation exhibition (and the largest exhibition to open in the museum), America on the Move, explores the world of transportation, including real artifacts from historic Route 66.


Air and Space Museum
The Air and Space Museum is home to a world-renowned collection of flying machines from the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk Flyer to the Apollo 11 Command Module. Kids can see a moon rock, Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis and a variety of special films. The museum’s IMAX theatre provides large-format and 3-D glimpses of space and beyond. To see the museum’s larger artifacts, including the Enola Gay and the Space Shuttle Enterprise, head to the new Stephen Udvar-Hazy Center of the NASM, located near Dulles Airport.



Mt. Vernon
Mt. Vernon overlooks the Potomac River and is the home and burial place of the first President, George Washington.


Holocaust Museum
One of the most moving experiences in the capital, the National Holocaust Museum takes you through the three phases of World War II and Hitler’s Nazi Assault. It tells the history through personal accounts with one section of the museum a powerful telling through the eyes of Daniel, a boy who lived through it and wrote of the tragic era in his journals.


Museum of Natural History
You’ll recognize the Museum of Natural History by the green dome, chosen to represent the beautiful wonder of our amazing earth. Once inside, visitors enjoy a fun experience of exploring the natural wonders of our world.



Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg is full of history and is the perfect destination for a group tour. Groups will have the opportunity to visit museums, see a plantation, or tour historic homes.

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