5-Day Washington DC Tour

Your group will enjoy 5 days in Washington DC as you will have ample time to reap the benefit of investing the time to explore our nation’s Capitol. This amazing tour features a variety of attractions. You start your trip off with visits to Arlington National Cemetery and a tour of the famous monuments and memorials. Take a tour of Capitol Hill (we will make the appointment for you!), the US Supreme Court, and the White House. You cannot get anymore hands-on than when you take a group on a trip with Exploring America!


Arlington National Cemetery
Located just outside of Washington, DC is a 624 acre 70 section cemetery devoted to those that serve our great country. General Robert E. Lee’s family created this sanctuary during the Civil War and it has since served our soldiers and veterans from every war involving America. The Tomb of the Unknowns is reserved for the nameless soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This is also the location of the changing of the guard, a sobering display of honor from those that keep this place safe.


Embassy Row
This stretch of city is referred to as Embassy Row for the simple fact that there is a high volume of diplomatic establishments within it. Stuffed with foreign embassies, this neighborhood is very well to do and the mansions alone are stunning. Among the nations is an unsaid competition of sorts to hold the grandest of homes in the capital city to represent power and authority, and these elite residences certainly make a point!


National Cathedral
The sixth largest cathedral on the planet is the fourth tallest structure in the city of DC. This grandiose church was modeled after the 14th century English Gothic architecture that demands a second look at the exquisite details from the stone pulpit and gargoyles to the hundreds of stained glass windows. Interestingly enough, the cathedral was intentionally constructed with multiple imperfections to accentuate that only God is capable of creating anything flawless.


Lincoln Memorial
You may not have been here in person but it has been featured in many films (like Planet of the Apes and Independence Day) and so should instill a sense of familiarity! Modeled after a Greek temple this memorial has served as the platform for memorable speeches across the years. One of the best things about the Lincoln Memorial is the view of the Washington Monument just across the way. But before you go, pay a visit to Abraham Lincoln’s 19 foot tall marble statue.


Vietnam War Memorial
Dedicated to those brave soldiers we lost in the Vietnam War, the Memorial was originally erected with 58,195 names upon it. Today it is up to the Department of Defense whether or not to inscribe anyone further. The Three Servicemen as well as the Women’s Memorial statues give life to the grounds amongst the sea of names. There is even a place for those whom we lost after the war where they are recognized on the In Memory Plaque.



Supreme Court Tour
On the first floor of the building is the Courtroom where court sessions are open to the public for viewing. Visitors may also participate in a docent led lecture introducing them to the ins and outs of the Supreme Court. The Ground Floor is the location for the Visitors’ Film as well as the Curator’s exhibitions about the history of the justice system. Guided walking tours are not offered but groups are more than welcome to explore at will!


Capitol Hill Tour
Grab your tour pass and step inside the heart of DC, Capitol Hill! Begin with a 13 minute video describing the evolution of democracy in our country before a trip to the Crypt, the Rotunda and the National Statuary Hall. Experience the U.S. Botanic Garden Conservatory, the Library of Congress as well as the Supreme Court of the United States! The Capitol Grounds offer several monuments as well as a brick Summerhouse on the Senate side.


Meet your Congressman
Just a short three blocks away from Capitol Hill your group may be coordinated in advance to meet your federal representatives! Even if the date isn’t adequate for the senator or representative, your team is still able to meet with the staff in their office.


National Archives
The final resting place of all of America’s most influential documents such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and more invite your tour group to a photography-prohibited museum in our nation’s capitol. There are three exhibit galleries as well as an 11 minute long introductory film held in the McGowan Theater. Visit The National Archives Shop for goodies when you’re finished!


Library of Congress
Take a one hour walking tour of the Thomas Jefferson Building or discover The Civil War in America. Exploring the Early Americas Tour guides your group through indigenous cultures like the Aztec and Inca peoples. Choose the Music and the Performing Arts tour for a peek into the Music Division of the Thomas Jefferson Building. There are multiple locations for dining options as well as a gift shop to boot!



Mount Vernon
The estate of George Washington is more than a mansion tour, it is a plantation spanning over 50 acres with exquisitely manicured gardens and landscapes. There is also included a blacksmith shop, a pioneer demonstration farm complete with slave cabin and 16 sided treading barn, there is an orientation center, a museum, George Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill as well as hours more worth of enrichment.


International Spy Museum
Appropriately founded by an ex code-breaker, the Spy Museum offers an impressive collection of intriguing memorabilia, methods, artifacts and history. There is also an exhibit dedicated to over 100 items from the James Bond films including cars, gear, weapons and so on. Your group will especially enjoy the gift shop where you can pick up your own espionage gadgets like invisible ink pens and rear view spy glasses!



Bureau of Engraving
Welcome to the money factory! Watch in amazement as paper sheets take the form of currency through traditional techniques like the graver, burnisher and hand-held glass that engrave the bills. Discover the lengthy measures taken to keep counterfeiting at bay as well as pick out your souvenirs at the BEP Store like sheets of crisp $2.00 bills!


Frederick Douglass Historical Site
Upon Cedar Hill in the middle of the city sits the home of abolitionist, Frederick Douglass. Douglass played the key role in exterminating slavery in the time of the Civil War and held several positions in public offices throughout his time. From this residence is a spectacular view of the Capitol as well as the whole of D.C.’s prestigious skyline.


Air & Space Museum
Inside this highly requested museum lies thousands of fascinating objects from a lunar rock to Amelia Earhart’s own plane! An enormous establishment, the Smithsonian is ever impressive. Your group will discover things such as aerial cameras, an Apollo 11 pressure suit, communications satellites and so much more with over 17,000 artifacts!


Union Station
Whether waiting on the train or not, historic Union Station offers plenty of ways to pass the time! This entertainment hotspot features an upscale shopping experience with more than 130 stores! Full service restaurants abound with everything from old fashioned hand patted burgers to conveyor belt distributed sushi!



Washington Monument
Aside from the White House, the 555 foot tall marble Washington Monument is by far one of the most well known structures you will see on your tour of the town!


White House Area Walk-By
Your tour guide will inform you on the operations that take place within the gates of the White House, maybe with luck, you will see the President or First Lady outside in the garden!


Holocaust Museum
Throughout history, Jewish people have suffered, but the worst of all these scenarios was the German led Holocaust. Today, the tragedy of the genocide is remembered, and the lives that were saved are celebrated. Your group will see a video put together by those that made it out, and hear their stories for the first time.


Museum of Natural History
The exhibits inside this Smithsonian gem include: Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals, Hall of Human Origins, Dinosaurs and Paleobiology, Hall of Mammals, Insect Zoo, Ocean Hall, African Voices, Butterflies and Plants, Western Cultures, Korea Gallery, Osteology and this doesn’t even begin to cover the temporary exhibits!

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