Exploring San Francisco

Over the course of four days, your group will see some of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks over just 6 square miles. They will have the opportunity to explore Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, and Union Square. Also, they can enjoy a ride on a cable car and see the Golden Gate Bridge firsthand!


City Tour
This beautiful and beloved Northern California destination serves up the very best of everything a group of happy wanderers could dream of in a spectacularly culturally diverse, eclectic and entertaining “big-bite” -sized venue.


Fisherman’s Wharf
Visitor favorites ranging from Pier 39, Ghirardelli Square, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Wax Museum, The Aquarium of the Bay, The Musee Mechanique and The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park are all located in this bustling center richly seasoned with a diverse and hearty culture rooted in the early days of local fishing industry history.


Wax Museum
Come face to face with the most renowned personalities of history, fantasy and today’s news! The Wax Museum offers heroes, stars, religious and world leaders and much more.


Muir Woods
Stand in awe of the giant Redwood trees – they are more than 800 years old, and some stand more than 250 feet tall. Don’t forget to wear your walking shoes and a jacket.


Indulge your child-like curiosity and learn as you wander-gawk, dawdle, play and tinker your way through six amazing galleries displaying over 600 crazily engaging interactive exhibits- come prepared to explore and experiment your way to an easier understanding of the amazing world we live in. From the mundane to the absurd-the world is your oyster and a fresh awareness of everything in it, at your disposal. Accompany Sun Artist Bob Miller on a light walk; recreate a summer rainstorm or dissect a cow’s eye; explore the briny deep, interpret ancient text, understand “triboluminescence”, and search for life in other galaxies. Careful-the intensive care and feeding of your group’s inquiring minds may leave your bodies famished; Seaglass Café, a fabulous, casual waterfront venue serves up a creative and delightfully fresh locally sourced seasonal organic menu of “upscale” cafeteria and diner favorites sure to satisfy the most discerning explorer’s palate.


Golden Gate Bridge
This world-renowned structure, a breathtaking masterpiece of high-visibility international orange cable and steel, ranked 5th on a list of America’s Favorite Architecture and declared one of the modern wonders of the world, spans the three-mile-wide channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean and connects Marin County to the City. In all her magnificent, Art-Deco glory, the mighty Golden Gate flexes and rolls across the frigid waters, shrouded in woolen morning fog, bathed in ethereal California afternoon sunlight and glowing, golden and elegant, after dark.


Palace of Fine Arts
The Palace of Fine Arts is the largest structure remaining from the 1915 San Francisco Panama-Pacific Exposition.


Ghirardelli Square
Back in the 1960s, the remaining 19th century Ghirardelli chocolate factory building was vacant and slated for imminent destruction when the chocolate manufacturing business transferred out of town; a group of concerned San Franciscans stepped up, rescuing the grand old complex and creating within the factory walls a unique collection of over 40 exclusive, of-the-day shops and fine restaurants; their project opened officially to the public in 1964. Today, visitors to the fabled Fisherman’s Wharf area in the City by the Bay can still partake of a bit of that restored Old World ambiance with a stop at the lovingly restored landmark; all are treated to delightful squares of Ghirardelli chocolate as they enter this beloved attraction where the intoxicatingly nostalgic perfume of warm waffle cone fills the air! Browse fabulously eclectic boutiques and upscale shops; grab a twirly, red vinyl stool and  burger, shake and fries or treat yourselves to a classic local repast of expertly-prepared fresh seafood; a fantastic variety of choices offer tantalizing treats and first rate, locally-sourced fare.


Alcatraz Island Tour
Infamous Bay Area Icon, this intimidating, dark fortress seemingly afloat in the frigid water of San Francisco Bay and often referred to as “The Rock” was developed first as a formidable military fortification, then, ultimately a maximum security federal penitentiary, operational until 1963 when upkeep demands forced its closure. Alcatraz hosted some of the most notorious criminals in American history. Home to the West Coast’s oldest operational lighthouse, Alcatraz’s otherwise abandoned compounds now host a variety of native seabirds in lieu of incorrigible, cold blooded criminals. Prevalent Native legend holds forth the idea the island, itself is “cursed” and “evil;” that said, efforts are ongoing to restore the grounds and gardens once planted and tended by military families with the goal of creating a less hostile environment for curious yet wary visitors, who may reach the island by ferry from Pier 33.


Academy of Sciences
The widely acclaimed California Academy of Natural Sciences- one of the largest, most innovative and eco-friendly natural history museums in the world, re-opened its doors in 2008 after considerable earthquake damage in 1989 required the undertaking of nearly ten years of extensive planning and renovation. Grab your group of inquiring minds and treat yourselves to the heady thrill of exploration and discovery of the diverse realms of science with a tour of this 400,000 square foot assemblage of exquisite natural wonders of Earth, Space and Sea.


Golden Gate Park
One of America’s largest urban parks.


Cathay House
Explore the real Chinatown! Visit dim sum bakeries, specialty restaurants and cafés, where you’ll sample Asian cuisine as you delve into Chinese mysticism and culture. Explore local sculptures and architecture as you enjoy cups of fragrant tea.


Ride the Cable Car
Ride onboard San Francisco’s world famous cable cars to Union Square! Experience the city’s famous sights.


Free time for shopping at Union Square!

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