Galveston 3-Day Tour

Galveston was made for groups. The southern hospitality of this Texas city makes everyone feel good while they are visiting and makes them want to come back. Take a look at this sample itinerary. Click on the links to learn more, and call us today to begin customizing Galveston tours just for you.


Moody Gardens
The Moody Gardens is known as the great indoors. Build a sandcastle and enjoy a drink while relaxing and watching the beautiful views of the Galveston shoreline (with lunch at Moody Gardens Aquarium Meal Deal).


Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Water Park
For year-round fun, your group can come to Galveston Island and check out the coolest water slides, whitewater rapids, hot tubs, wave pools and surf on the Boogie Bahn surf ride.


The Strand Sightseeing
“The Strand” is actually Avenue B, and it runs parallel to Galveston Bay. Visitors can spend hours walking about this historic area.

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