Law & Order DC Tour

This tour is nonstop action all about crime, punishment, and the prevention of it. Every attraction on the Law and Order tour will open your eyes to a different aspect of law enforcement, the Department of Defense, Law & Order through history, or the amazing world of espionage. Washington D.C. is one of the most exciting cities in the nation for tours, and this focus on Law & Order is a fascinating way to experience it. Check out the sample itinerary below, and call today to begin customizing this tour with your own must-see Washington D.C. attractions.


National Museum of Crime & Punishment
At the National Museum of Crime and Punishment you will meet history’s cast of criminals from pirates to the Wild West and beyond. You’ll learn about crime fighting through history, crime scene investigation, the tools of the trade, and even visit the television set for America’s Most Wanted.


This museum showcases the news and those who bring it to us through high-tech exhibits and displays. You’ll see the towering tribute to the headlines of 9/11, view today’s front page headlines for over 500 newspapers around the country, and much more. The first amendment is displayed in a 74-foot marble engraving on the building and is celebrated throughout this unique museum.


National Law Enforcement Museum
An extension of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, the National Law Enforcement Museum seeks to educate its visitors on the law enforcement profession while honoring the officers in it. It showcases the profession from the 1600s to the state-of-the-art advancements of today’s criminal investigators and beyond.


National Law Enforcement Memorial
The first known death of a law enforcement official happened in 1792. The National Law Enforcement Memorial, with its breathtaking gardens and walkways, honors his name and more than 17,500 officers since.



International Spy Museum
The International Spy Museum is all things espionage, from the history of it, to the tools used, to the astounding number of historical events shaped by the work of spies. You’ll learn what it takes to become an agent, what they go through, how the profession has worked through history, and its important role today.


National Cryptologic Museum
Think code-making and code-breaking is a mystery you’ll never begin to understand! The amazing National Cryptologic Museum lets you Codesinside the process, giving you an understanding of cryptography from the Civil War to today.


National Vigilance Park
The aircraft and explanatory signs and benches throughout the National Vigilance Park tell the previously unwritten stories of those who put themselves in the line of fire to collect important data about those who would cause us harm. The park seeks to revere a profession that has often made Americans squirm.



This is where it all happens – the headquarters for the Department of Defense, named for its unique shape, and home to every branch of our military. Your Pentagon tour of its memorials, exhibits, and many hallways is approximately a mile long. Be sure to keep your guide in sight – the blueprints are intricate in this building designed for security.


FBI J. Edgar Hoover Building Drive-By

Watergate Complex Drive-By

Supreme Court Tour

The Supreme Court is one of D.C.’s most powerful architectural structures. It’s filled with Supreme Court history and beautiful design. Plus, the courtroom is absolutely fascinating whether in session or providing daily lectures.



DEA Museum
When it comes to law and order, the Drug Enforcement Administration plays a vital role in our country. This museum uses state-of-the-art exhibits and displays to educate its visitors on the history of this department, changing trends, and its important progress today.


Ford’s Theatre & Peterson House
You can almost step back in time at Ford’s Theatre as you view the special box seat just as it was prepared for President Lincoln the night he was assassinated. He was then carried to Peterson House. You can view exhibits and displays surrounding this history and walk the path Lincoln was carried when you visit these prominent landmarks.


Surratt House Museum
Once, the Surratt House was home to a conspirator in the Lincoln assassination, this historic plantation now presents programs and events that recapture life in the mid-19th century during the Civil War and focuses on the Lincoln conspiracy.



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