Williamsburg 4-Day Group Tour

There’s a wealth of historic sites and attractions in the Williamsburg area. This tour is full of them. And don’t forget the roller coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg…Physics lesson, anyone? You’ll never run out of exciting attractions in the Williamsburg area. But you’ll find plenty for leisure and pure fun as well, including shopping, a variety of dining options, ghost tours, coasters, and more. Take a look at this sample itinerary for the best attractions for Williamsburg group tours.


Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Start your Williamsburg tour with one of the most beautiful amusement parks in the world. Each section is themed after a different European country. The cultural elements are authentic and the rides legendary. The park even offers the Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s X-Treme Physics Program so you can make an adventure from all your coaster thrills.


Colonial Williamsburg
Spend a day back in time in this living, working community straight from colonial America. Begin with an orientation walk, take a guided tour, visit the many museums, and run into actors posing as authentic citizens and happy to share local gossip, perhaps about the eminent Revolution.


Ghost Tour
Take a historic tour of Williamsburg haunted-style with tales of local legends and folklore possibly complemented by sightings of your own.


Historic Jamestowne
Explore a recreation of the Glasshouse and Church Tower from the first permanent English settlement in our country. Other sites include statues of John Smith and Pocahontas plus excavation of the actual settlement.


Jamestown Settlement
Explore full-size replicas of the ships that brought the English settlers to Jamestown in 1607. Then discover both English and Powhatan Indian culture through a recreation of the Indian village and James Fort, the Riverfront Discovery Area, costumed interpreters, and an outdoor museum.


Visit the landmark battlefield where George Washington defeated General Cornwallis in the last great battle of the American Revolution. The Yorktown Victory Center enlightens visitors on colonial techniques from dentistry to amputation.


Presidents Park
This pretty Virginia landscape and garden is anchored by larger-than-life statues of all the United State Presidents plus interesting tidbits from their bios.


Riverwalk Landing
You can find dinner in Yorktown, perhaps at this scenic Riverwalk along the beach with a variety of shops, food stores, and an upscale restaurant.


Mariner’s Museum
Learn more about the cultural life of the Old World, participate in a scavenger hunt, and enjoy a boxed lunch in the museum.


Virginia Living Museum
Learn all about Virginia’s many water sources and the plant and animal life that surrounds them.


Muscarelle Museum
The only fine arts museum in the Historic Triangle.

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