Arches National Park

Double Arch - Arches NP

Double Arch in Arches N.P.

Arches National Park is located in Eastern Utah near the city of Moab. This beautiful park is filled with naturally-formed arches of rock.

Located in the desert regions of Eastern Utah, Arches is a photographer’s paradise! Wind and water have carved these amazing structures which were uplifted and folded during the early Jurassic period. A constant sandblasting from tiny sand grains have smoothed many of the surfaces in the park.

Hikers flock to Arches each year to enjoy the great outdoors and the hundreds of natural arches found here. Though climbing the arches and natural bridges is prohibited by law, the scenery is simply breath-taking.

Groups of all types and ages are fond of Arches. Late spring to early summer and again in the autumn are the best times to tour the park. Mid-summer can bring very hot temperatures, so motor coach tours are recommended for visits that take place between early July and mid-August.

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