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If you admire the sleek lines on the outside of a building or if you appreciate the design of a monument or memorial as much as you appreciate the history, then you certainly understand that architectural design is both a science and an art. Design is therefore a great theme for group tours. And many favorite cities offer the perfect attractions to accommodate your interest. One popular way to tour the various architecture of a city is from the water.

Since many of the country’s biggest cities were built by a river, a lake, or the sea, a water cruise proves possible in many of them. Chicago, for instance, offers a water cruise specific to architectural design, offering its visitors a brilliant view and entertaining narrative on architectural wonders like the Sears Tower, the historic Water Tower, and more. New York City and Boston also offer these amazing cruises, offering a glimpse of many favorite attractions plus an overall picture of each city as a whole. Click on the links below to discover some of the best attractions for this theme. Or fill out the request form to begin customizing an architectural tour today!

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Sample Itineraries

Architecture Itinerary

There are many architectural destinations to tour with your group. We can help you customize a great trip!

    •  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Work
    •  Manhattan Architecture
    •  Boston Back Bay Views


Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

This tour is a great addition especially for group tours focused on architectural design. Chicago is known for setting the bar high when it comes to building design. The influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, one of its famous former residents and an architect pivotal in that industry’s history, no doubt contributed to that reputation. You can learn all about his time in Chicago when you tour his home and studio and see how he experimented with different materials and design. You’ll be fascinated by Wright’s design philosophy, how it influenced American architecture, and how artistry influences the functionality of design.

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Boston Sunset Harbor Cruise

Boston Harbor CruiseWhile visiting Boston, Massachusetts, take a Harbor Sunset Cruise! A sunset can be spectacular but the Harbor Cruise can make it even more exquisite. You will take a 75-minute Narrated sightseeing tour. During the cruise guests will be introduced to all the history, sights and lore that Boston Harbor has to offer. In addition, you will be on hand to witness the USS constitution’s sunset ritual as she fires her canon and also lowers her flag ceremoniously signaling that the day has ended. While on board, enjoy the breathtaking view of the Boston and Cambridge skylines. The cruise offers a full-service bar with beverages. You can also listen to cocktail music as well. The sunset is amazing and entertainment is also included in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience this tour. The Charles Riverboat Company sponsors the cruise. The group will depart from Lechmere Canal Park at The CambridgeSide Galleria Mall.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Commonly known as The Met, The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 by Americans after an inspiring trip to Paris. It was decided that the United States needed a national institution and artistic landmark comparable to the Louvre and The Met was established to furnish artistic understanding, inspire, and encourage the development of creativity.

The Met has been located in the same grand, neoclassical structure on 5th Avenue since 1880 and has added on new structures such as the Cloisters, a religious and traditional style collection of galleries. More than just a museum, The Met and its beautiful facade have been used as a filming location for several movies including The Thomas Crown Affair, Maid in Manhattan, When Harry Met Sally, and Hitch starring Will Smith.

The Met is one of the largest museums in the world with two million square feet of galleries and exhibits. Permanent collections include works by Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer, Georgia O’Keeffe, El Greco, Renoir, and Winslow Homer. Five paintings by Vincent Van Gogh including his beautiful piece, Cypresses, three sketches by Leonardo da Vinci, and five paintings by Pablo Picasso are also on display for visitors.

The Met is open daily with guided and/or audio tours available as well as suggested itineraries so that you are able to view as much as possible during your visit.

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