Black History Tours

Martin Luther King Display

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Many groups request tours with a specific focus on black history. For years we have been sending groups on these exciting tours, filled with locations from pivotal moments in black history and rich with the stories of its most prominent players. These tours include schools, churches, birthplaces, museums, and national historic sites devoted to honoring black Americans, their struggle for equal rights in this country, and their profound contributions to the nation. Plus, we’ve included exciting, popular attractions in each of the cities we feature. You won’t regret these inspirational tours and the attractions they include.

One popular destination for black history is Dearborn, Michigan. Here you are able step on the very bus that Rosa Parks took her powerful stand for civil rights by remaining in her seat. Here you will also find the Logan County Courthouse, Hermitage Slave Quarters, and the Susquehanna Plantation.

Also a popular destination, Atlanta is full of history. From the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site to Antebellum Plantation and Stone Mountain Park your group is sure to find fascination is everything they learn here.

Contact one of our travel agents today to find out where the best destination for your group to go is. Then see for yourself everything there is to learn about black history.

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Sample Itineraries

Atlanta Tour

If your group is looking for an exciting destination with a focus on black history, Atlanta, Georgia, has everything you need.

    •  World Famous Zoo
    •  Behind The Scenes at CNN
    •  Explore Coca Cola History


The Black Heritage Trail and African-American National Historic Site are featured attractions for an exciting look at Boston past & present.

    •  Daily Tour Guides

Dearborn, Michigan

You can step on the very bus where Rosa Parks took a powerful stand for civil rights by remaining in her seat.

    •  Plantation Tour
    •  Rosa Parks’ Bus
    •  Greenfield Village

Harlem Hip-Hop Tours

Take your group to Harlem and experience the Apollo Theater, music studio tours and hip-hip radio stations.

    •  Recording Studio Tour
    •  Campus Tour
    •  Dance Lessons

Ocean City, Maryland

There are tons of great historic sites in this area. This sample itinerary highlights black history in the area.

    •  One Room School
    •  Lounge on the Beach
    •  Shop the Boardwalk

Washington DC Tour

On this tour, your group can visit where MLK gave his famous "I have a dream" speech!

    •  Smithsonian Museums
    •  Campus Tour
    •  Daily Tour Guide


Mattox Family Home

During the Great Depression many families were struggling, including the Mattox Family. Come see the innovative ways they dealt with the hardships of the devastating time in U.S. history such as:making bird houses from squash and insulating the walls of the home with newspapers to help keep warm during the winter months. This home was built in 1879 in Bryan County, Georgia by former slaves, Andrew Mattox and Charlott Morel. Amos, the son of Andrew and Charlott, did his best to support his family by working numerous odd jobs. He was a farmer, preacher, barber, and shoemaker.

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George Washington Carver Cabin

See the house that was built as a memorial by Henry Ford to one of the most renowned African-Americans in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. A fellow innovator, George Washington Carver lived his life dedicated to helping African-Americans who were from humble backgrounds. He himself was born while under slavery in Missouri in 1865 and orphaned early in life. Carver did not let his discouraging start in life bring him down. Throughout his life he did odd jobs to support himself through school. He went on to graduate from Iowa State College and became an educator at Tuskegee Institute.

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International Civil Rights Walk of Fame

The Civil Rights Walk of Fame was made to honor our brave warriors of justice during the Civil Rights Era. The warriors, who struggled and fought to show that everyone should be equal, should be remembered and honored. The Walk has been made possible by embedding the footprints of role models during the Civil Rights. Mahatma “Great Soul” Gandhi had the same idea as Martin Luther King Jr. They both shared the gift of nonviolence to others. The Gandhi statue is memorable because Mahatma gave his life, organized, and stimulated 400 million people for independence.

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MLK Jr. National Historic Site

MLK Jr. Historic Site Display


Groups on Georgia getaway will want to pencil in a few quiet hours to visit this wonderful monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. in the historic Sweet Auburn District of Atlanta. The 35 acre site is composed of various integral components of MLK’s life story, including his boyhood home and the church where he and his father pastored, Firestation No. 6 that served the Sweet Auburn community he was raised in, historically significant shotgun row houses, the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Colored Mission and the MLK gravesite. The “I Have a Dream” International World Peace Rose Garden, a visitor’s center that chronicles the Civil Rights Movement and features the multimedia exhibit Courage To Lead, and a memorial tribute to Mohandas K. Gandhi all stand with the preserved structures in loving reverence and fond remembrance of a great man gone too soon, and his important legacy as a leader of the American Civil Rights movement. The International Civil Rights Walk of Fame-a walkable promenade that showcases actual footstep impressions of those honored, created “to give recognition to those courageous soldiers of justice who sacrificed and struggled to make equality a reality for all” is also located at the site.

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