Colonial Tours

Colonial Home in WilliamsburgIf you’ve ever wanted to travel back in time, these tours can almost accomplish it for you. They take you to the scenes of our Country’s past when pilgrims established colonies, learned how to make a life in this new land (sometimes the hard way), and then fought for their independence from England. It was a unique and moving era in our history as a nation, and these tours not only bring it to life for you, they put you in the midst of the action.

One popular great place for a colonial tour is Williamsburg. Here you will feel as if you have literally stepped back in time. Not just the sights and buildings – but the people who work there every day to provide an authentic picture of colonial life. There are several other historic sites nearby, which together can create truly thrilling tours.

Few cities are as rich with American History as Boston. The days of the American colonies went hand in hand with revolution, and your Pilgrims and Patriots Tour in this amazing city will let you experience it all. Check out the Minuteman National Historic Park or the Paul Revere House. You will find a wide variety of places to go and things to see in Boston.

Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect place to take your group to learn about colonial history. Then see for yourself just how close to jumping back in history your trip will seem.

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Sample Itineraries

Boston Pilgrims & Patriots

The Pilgrims and Patriots Tour in this amazing city will let you experience the American colonies and revolution.

    •  Experience Colonial Boston
    •  Paul Revere’s Lantern
    •  Sightseeing Harbor Cruise

Gettysburg Tour

Here’s a sample 2-day itinerary for historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that we can customize just for your group.

    •  Civil War Wax Museum
    •  Horseback Gettysburg Tour
    •  General Lee’s Headquarters

Mackinac Island

A visit to Mackinac Island is like stepping into a time machine and going back to the Victorian era.

    •  Victorian Essence
    •  Horse Drawn Carriages
    •  Lake Superior

Williamsburg Tour

Colonial Williamsburg, Richmond, and Jamestown, Virginia, offer many amazing attractions both for historic group tours & for pure leisure.

    •  Busch Gardens
    •  Recreated Indian Village
    •  Colonial Attractions


Concord Museum

Concord, Massachusetts has a long, rich American history. It is known as the site for the first battle in the American Revolution but also as a cultural center for early America. Concord was the home of writers Henry Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Louisa May Alcott. The Concord Museum is therefore a celebration of Concord’s relevance in both our freedom and our cultural growth with artifacts from New England’s vital place in our history. There is an exhibit on the city itself and its prominence in history, historical artifacts like the lantern from the famous words, “one if by land, and two if by sea”, weapons from the American revolution, and memorabilia from Concord’s famous writers. This is a fascinating American city and the Concord Museum is the perfect way to experience it.

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Paul Revere House

Paul Revere HomeIn the Paul Revere House you’ll see the 18th century building almost exactly as Revere left it the night of his famous ride. It is downtown Boston’s oldest building and a fascinating memorial to American revolutionary history. The Paul Revere House is a self-guided tour through a two-story home with rooms and artifacts true to colonial America. The exhibits here are both a tribute to the legendary Paul Revere and a memorial to the life of Americans shortly after the Revolution. The home has been preserved for centuries, and its authenticity will forever enhance your understanding of those important days in our history.

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Old South Meeting House

An ideal stop for colonial tours, the Old South Meeting House is a beautiful structure built in 1729. It was originally purposed to house the Puritan Church. However during the winter of 1773 it hosted a gathering of more than five thousand angry colonists. They came to debate the tea tax and the Boston Tea Party occurred as a result. Today, a museum occupies the building and is open year round. People young and old come to watch reenactments of the Boston Tea Party debates, view artifacts and interactive exhibits, participate in scavenger hunts, and hear daily lectures about the history of the Old South.

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