Law Tour

This tour is nonstop action all about crime, punishment, and the prevention of it. Every attraction on the Law and Order tour will open your eyes to a different aspect of law enforcement, the Department of Defense, Law & Order through history, or the amazing world of espionage. Washington D.C. is one of the most exciting cities in the nation for group tours, and this focus on Law & Order is a fascinating way to experience it.

At the National Museum of Crime and Punishment you will meet history’s cast of criminals from pirates to the Wild West and beyond. You’ll learn about crime fighting through history, crime scene investigation, the tools of the trade, and even visit the television set for America’s Most Wanted.

Also available in DC is the National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum. These attractions seek to educate its visitors on the law enforcement profession while honoring the officers in it. It showcases the profession from the 1600s to the state-of-the-art advancements of today’s criminal investigators and beyond.

Check out the sample itinerary below, and call today to begin customizing this tour with your own must-see Washington D.C. attractions.

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Sample Itineraries

Law Itinerary

The law tour will allow your group to view many aspects of the industry in a fun learning atmosphere!

    •  Seven Museums
    •  Lincoln’s Box Seat
    •  Supreme Court Lectures



National Vigilance Park

The aircraft and explanatory signs and benches throughout the National Vigilance Park tell the previously unwritten stories of those who put themselves in the line of fire to collect important data about those who would cause us harm. The park seeks to revere a profession that has often made Americans squirm.

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DEA Museum

The DEA Museum is located in Arlington, VA, near the Pentagon City Mall. It welcomes those 10 years of age and over to come to the location. Their mission is to educate visitors on the history of the Drug Enforcement Administration and on the impact of drug addiction from the past to the present day. Some featured exhibits include: Illegal Drugs in America, Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, as well as virtual exhibits. Illegal Drugs in America exhibit depicts the story of the history of drugs in the United States. The U.S. Drug Enforcement administration was founded in 1973. The agency was created to enforce federal drug laws. Today the biggest challenge for the DEA is to control the dramatic change with regard to organized crime. Good Medicine, Bad Behavior, emphasizes drug diversion in the United States. Specifically, the exhibit explores the issue of prescription substance abuse and how it is gripping America today. It is interactive and Features include the following: recreations of period pharmacies, depictions of significant cases, and displays illustrating the impact of these substances on the human body. There is also a resources section available for visitors to gain more information on this important subject. You may take literature home from this part of the exhibit. Rogue internet pharmacies are also highlighted in the display. The group will come out of the DEA Museum with a further understanding of drug abuse in our country both in the past and the current issues that are taking place today.

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Ford’s Theatre & Peterson House

FordsTheatreYou can almost step back in time at Ford’s Theatre as you view the special box seat just as it was prepared for President Lincoln the night he was assassinated. He was then carried to Peterson House. You can view exhibits and displays surrounding this history and walk the path Lincoln was carried when you visit these prominent landmarks.

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Newseum StudioThe Newseum is located in Washington, DC. It is known to be one of the top museums to visit while you are in the area. This location contains 14 galleries and 15 4D Theaters. The exhibits feature both historical and current events. Exhibits include but are not limited to the following: : The New York Times—Ochs-Sulzberger Family Great Hall of News, News Corporation News History Gallery, NBC News Interactive News room, the 9/11 Gallery, the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery, and the Pulitzer Prize Photo Gallery. The Bloomberg Gallery features two 25-foot high media walls depicting the evolution of news in the media. The radio was the first form of news that was broadcast. Next was the Television which added images to the stories. The final step in news broadcasting was the internet. These are part of the exhibit and the gallery also has a display devoted to pioneer broadcaster Edward R. Murrow. The 9/11 Gallery explores the horrendous events that occurred on September 11, 2001. It also features front pages from around the globe as well as first-person accounts about the attacks. William Bigart was a photojournalist who lost his life while covering the events and he is featured in the Gallery as well. There are also photos that were taken by Bigart during his final moments on display.

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Museum of Crime & Punishment

National Museum of Crime &  Punishment Car DisplayThe Crime and Punishment Museum is located in Washington, D.C. It is also known as the Crime Museum. The exhibits and activities that are available focus on the history of crime, and crime Scene investigation. All of the exhibits are interactive in nature. The museum has several galleries throughout the facility. They include: A Notorious History of American Crime, Punishment: The Consequence of Crime, Crime Fighting, and Crime Scene Investigation. A Notorious History of American Crime is a gallery that gives visitors a glimpse into the evolution of crime and the criminal through the ages. It begins with the medieval knights and greedy pirates and continues with the gun-slingers of the old American West. The gallery also displays crime in today specifically white-collar criminals that hide behind a computer screen and are able to steal a person’s identity. Punishment: The Consequence of Crime involves the group gaining first-hand experience in the severity of a criminal’s punishment when caught. Features include: a booking room, mug shots, and a Lie Detector Test.

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International Spy Museum

International Spy Museum Streetview

Credit Destination DC

Here is the perfect place to learn all about the history of spies and all of the incredible gadgets they used from all different time periods. By the end of your visit you may even begin to wonder if spies still walk among us.

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