Movie Tours

Let’s face it. Hollywood influences our lives. We watch the movies for entertainment, but we also watch them to be inspired. Through them, we can go places we’ve never been, experience careers we’ve never considered, find love, and realize our dreams. Surely every one of us can point to at least one film that impacted us – one we watch again and again, either to laugh, to cry, or to be inspired. These tours celebrate that influence. Now you don’t have to imagine what it’s like on a movie set, you can be there. And onscreen will no longer be the only place you’ve seen Central Park and other famous attractions. These tours take you right into the action, so you can stand where your favorite actors stood, see what they saw, and experience the ins and outs of moviemaking – after which, we guarantee, you’ll better appreciate the magic.


New York City Movie Tours

New York City and Hollywood go together like romantic and comedy. Hundreds, if not thousands, of films have been shot on these famous streets, on and near the Empire State Building, in various corners of Central Park, and in famous and not-so-famous neighborhoods throughout the city. We’ll send you on two exciting walking tours – one through Central Park and one through Greenwich Village and beyond. Your guides will point out all kinds of buildings and sights you’ll definitely find familiar. You’ll see locations from The Devil Wears Prada, Men in Black, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and many more – both classic and new. We can throw in other exciting attractions as well, including a meal at Planet Hollywood and Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where you can virtually interact with many of your favorite Hollywood stars. This tour is packed with pop culture and entertainment thrills, and we know you’re going to love it.


Los Angeles Hollywood Tour

Los Angeles is the only place in the world where Hollywood exists not just as a state of mind but an actual place on the map. And snapping your picture in front of those famous letters on the hillside is just the beginning of this tour. You’ll also visit the famous Dolby Theatre, where both the Annual Academy Awards and the American Idol finale are filmed each year. You’ll stroll down the Walk of Fame and hunt down all the golden, engraved stars for your favorite celebrities and legends. Your tour might include Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and more. We’ll help you fill it with other popular attractions you may not even have considered. For instance, do you know how many theme parks there are around here? A Los Angeles Hollywood Theme Tour is the perfect choice for exciting group tours.

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Sample Itineraries

New York 2-Day Movie Tour

This tour is two days packed full of the sites, neighborhoods, parks, and attractions where movies like to happen.

    •  Skyride
    •  Movie Site Tour
    •  Wax Celebrities

New York 3-Day Movie Tour

This exciting tour includes popular attractions, restaurants, and NYC locations you’ll recognize from your favorite films and television.

    •  Chance to Meet a Rockette
    •  Red Planet 2112 Restaurant
    •  Times Square After Dark