National Parks

Hike through astonishing scenery and breathtaking landscapes. Discover all kinds of wildlife in truly natural habitats. Learn from experienced guides about the natural wonders you’ll see and learn how to preserve the treasure throughout our national parks when you visit them and see the beauty for yourself. Visit the grandest of mountains, peaks and valleys, or comb the mysteries and legends of lesser known parks like Dry Tortugas off the coast of Florida, only reachable by air or sea.

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Sample Itineraries


Mount Desert Island

Mount Desert Island combines the mountains with the ocean and has been proclaimed by many as the most beautiful place they have ever seen. With so many hiking trails and shorelines, your group should have a picnic on the large rocks facing the ocean and watch the incredible sprays when the tide comes in hitting the rocks. It is beautiful. Watch out for the sea gulls as they will happily snap up your food. Take a drive around the Loop Road and stop in the parking area for Otter Point. At Otter Point you will see the tide coming in and the surf crashing against the huge boulders. The sight is awe-inspiring. If you are courageous you can climb down close to the water to examine the tide pools. A visit to Bar Harbor for lobster is in order. If your visit is in the summer, stop at the Village Green bandstand to enjoy a concert or go to the 1932 Criterion Movie Theater for a show. At low tide your group can walk or dive across the bay to Bar Island, be sure to check the tide schedule so you don’t get stranded. Acadia National Park offers experiences in sight and sound that can’t be found any where else. Enjoy your visit.

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Cadillac Mountain

When leaving the Visitors Center in Acadia National Park, Cadillac Mountain will be the first site you come to. It is not only the highest mountain in the park, at 1530 feet above sea level, but also on the Atlantic Seaboard, and amazingly you can drive up or hike to the summit. The trek is a beautiful three-mile winding road with incredible overlooks all along the way. As you ascend the mountain, the evergreens of the forest thins out and at the summit, the view of Bar Harbor and Frenchman’s Bay is breathtaking. If there is a bit of fog you can watch the fog flow over the city and the bay. Don’t reschedule your trip to the mountain if it is a foggy day as it can actually enhance the experience. Be sure to take a camera so you can take pictures in all directions as there is a 3/10 mile paved summit loop trail, which will allow you to see in all directions. If you are truly dedicated you can arrive early in the morning to see the sunrise. It’s a fascinating experience as the view from Cadillac Mountain is the first place on the east coast you can see the sunrise. To beat the crowds, an early arrival is best. By 11am or 12pm the crowds have gathered. On a crystal clear day you may be able to see Mount Kathadin which is about 100 miles away. You’ll also want to visit the gift shop on the summit for souvenirs of your hike up Cadillac Mountain.

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Naturalist-Guided Hike in Yellowstone

Be one of the few visitors each year who get to experience Yellowstone’s mud pots and hot springs with an early morning departure from your Inn. Along the hike you’ll see theGeyser Basins, which put Yellowstone National Park on the map. Get up close and personal with some of the more than 10,000 thermals all over Yellowstone. Of course there will be plenty of wildlife running around as well. You’ll not only see the popular geysers but the hidden ones that your naturalist guide knows of. Finish off the adventure with a scenic wildlife drive to your post-safari lodge where you can relax and reminisce on the past few days.

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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and Old Faithful

Waking up early, you begin your day hiking toward the central area of Yellowstone. Arrive at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, home of the well known Upper and Lower Falls. From there you will take a scenic walk to where bison and elk grazing are sure to be spotted. This area known as Hayden Valley is where grizzly bears and wolves call home as they pursue their search for food. You will then walk the shores of Lake Yellowstone, famous for being the largest lake above 7,000 ft. in North America. You will then arrive at the reason why Yellowstone was declared a National Park, the world’s largest geothermal region. Spend some time taking in Old Faithful Geyser before heading to The Old Faithful Inn where you’ll rest from a long day of amazing scenery and abundant wildlife.

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Northern Yellowstone

Walk through the North Gate, the original entrance to the oldest National Park in America’s History. Declared a National Park in 1872, you will be taken back in time as your own Naturalist Guide helps you begin your journey of a lifetime. Take your time as you explore the Serengeti of North America, also known as the northern area of Yellowstone, home to wildlife such as bison, elk, moose, coyotes, grizzly bears, and gray wolves. Observe these animals in their original habitat giving you the perfect opportunity to take post card perfect pictures. On your hike to some of the nation’s most immaculate lakes, you will pass through meadows filled with wildflowers, all the while learning how Yellowstone’s wildlife and plant life have learned to co-exist. End the day by making your way back to the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel for a good nights rest, preparing you for the journey that awaits you in the morning.

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Acadia National Park

Acadia National ParkAcadia National Park is on Mount Desert Island, Maine. It is a glacier-formed island in the Atlantic Ocean and is in North Maine. There are several towns along the shores of Acadia National Park. Visitors to this National Park should plan on most of the activities being outdoors. You will find the people friendly, relaxed and folksy and the food from the sea is hearty. Nature will fill the senses and your group will learn about the environment just by viewing the surroundings and hiking the many miles of trails in and around the mountains and shorelines. Animals abound in the forest and wilderness. Even birds that are on the verge of extinction have found refuge in the cliffs of Acadia. No matter the season you visit, bring warm clothes, your camera, and your binoculars as you will want to see all you can up close and capture the moments for your scrap book.

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