Valley Forge

Valley Forge Pennsylvania has so many things to offer visitors of all ages. Groups can visit historic sites, museums, and parks. The location also features several shopping options. Your group can also enjoy a variety of food choices at the various restaurants. Do you enjoy history? If so, Valley Forge has several famous historic sites to visit. Featured sites include the following: the Bryn Athyn Historic District, the DuPortail House, National Historical Park, Eastern State Penitentiary, Freedoms Foundation, Historic Waynesborough, the John James Audubon Center, Pennypacker Mills, and the Peter Wentz Farmstead. Featured museums include: the Mennonite Heritage Center, the Stoogeum, the American Treasure Tour, the Abington Art Center, and the GlenCairn Museum. If you enjoy shopping, Valley Forge has plenty of places to browse. Featured locations include the following: King of Prussia Mall, Montgomery Mall, Suburban Square, and Willowgrove Park Mall. Whether your group is seeking the best bargain or wants to visit historic sites, Valley Forge has it all!

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Sample Itineraries


Valley Forge After Hours

Are you searching for something to do to unwind? Well, Valley Forge After Hours has several options. Featured options include: Living History Tours, as well as Storytelling and Reenactments. There are also places to shop for Valley Forge Souvenirs. Featured Living History programs include: Tippler’s Tour: Colonial Pub Crawl and Valley Forge After Hours. On the After Hours tour, the group will travel back in time to June 1778 which was a turning point in the Revolutionary War. You will spend an exciting evening at the famous encampment at Valley Forge. You will experience what nights were like for the continental Army. The evening begins with a traditional colonial dinner with Martha Washington. After the meal, you will check in at General Washington’s Headquarters. At the end of the evening, the group will sit in front of a campfire and listen to the soldier’s tales. This program is fun for all ages.

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John James Audubon

The John James Audubon Center is located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The museum stands in the first historic U.S. home of John James Audubon. This museum features a unique combination which includes nature, art, and history. It also houses all of Audubon’s major works. Audubon was a famous artist. The museum contains one of the country’s most impressive collections of oil paintings, original Audubon prints and Audubon memorabilia. Visitors will enjoy the nature trails and wildlife that can be found at the Audubon sanctuary which is part of the home and estate of the First American Naturalist. John James Audubon was also an author as well. Mill Grove was built in 1762 and sits three miles from Valley Forge National Historical Park. Audubon’s father bought the home in 1789. The surrounding woods inspired Audubon’s first painting. In the years 1803-1806 the young man first fell in love with the American landscape and spent his time sketching native wildlife. Bring your group to this museum where you will have an eye-popping experience viewing Audubon’s work.

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Pottsgrove Manor

Pottsgrove Manor is located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The location was the historic 1752 home of John Potts. Potts was a colonial ironmaster and also the founder of Pottstown. The group will get a unique look at the lifestyle and times of John Potts, his family, servants and slaves. There are several events for your group to consider. Featured events include: guided tours, public programs, and other events. Tours last 45-minutes. The original mansion was situated on a 1000 acre plantation. By 1762, the location included the town of “Pottsgrove.” John Potts was appointed Justice of the Peace and judge on the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas. He was also elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly from both Berks and Philadelphia counties. Even though only four acres of the original property exist today, Pottsgrove Manor has not lost any of its original charm and architectural beauty. Your group will view the beautiful landscape during the visit and experience life of the mid-18th century.

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Elmwood Park Zoo

Elmwood Park Zoo is located in Valley Forge. The group will get to meet different animals and view exhibits. Take time during your trip to visit this one-of-a-kind attraction. Featured animals include: amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals, and Reptiles. Birds include: the Bald Eagle, the Barn Owl, the Blue and Gold Macaw, the Burrowing Owl, the Chilean Flamingo, the Golden Eagle, and the Muscovy duck. Reptiles include the following: the American Alligator, the Black Rat Snake, the Box Turtle, the Diamondback Terrapin, the Green Iguana, the Northern Pine Snake, the Red Footed Tortoise, and the Western Hognose Snake. Amphibians include the following: the Blue Poison Dart Frog, the Hourglass Frog, and the Surinam Toad. Mammals include: the American Bison, Big Horn Sheep, the Black Footed Ferret, the Bobcat,
the Capybara, the Coatimundi, and the Cougar. The group will enjoy seeing the animals and learning about each species.

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National Historical Park

Valley Forge contains the National Historical Park. Visitors can tour the location. Your group can also participate in other special programs as well. There are a few tours to consider. Featured tours include: Ranger-led Walks, Trolley Tours, Bicycle tours, and Living History programs. Your tour will begin at the visitor center. The group can browse the encampment Store. The visitor center also contains a museum with a collection of exhibits that pertain to the 1777-1778 winter encampment and the Revolutionary War. There are also exhibits which focus on the cultural and natural history of Valley Forge. On the Ranger-led Walking Tour, visitors will take a 1.4 mile walk and discover the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts. The tour focuses on a variety of topics from the Valley Forge winter encampment and the American Revolution. After the walk, the group can learn more about camp life by touring the replica log huts and surrounding historic area of the Muhlenberg Brigade. On the Trolley Tour the group will climb aboard an old-fashioned trolley. You will make extensive stops at the Muhlenberg Brigade Huts and Washington’s Headquarters. The tour is 90-minutes long.

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