Chip’s Chocolate Factory

When your adult group is planning a trip to Kansas City, you may want to visit the Chip’s Chocolate Factory. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasty treat and take a tour of the facility as part of the experience. The factory also has several items for you to purchase. The tour is known as the Chocology Education Tasting Experience and is perfect for any group size. During the tour, your group will learn about the history of chocolate, the process of making fudge, and the various stages of how cacao beans are turned into chocolate. Your group will have the opportunity to see the cacao beans in different stages such as nibs and powder. You will learn how it is harvested. The confectioner will also discuss beans being made into dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. When your guide discusses the history of chocolate, you will hear about different parts of the process. Specifically, they will talk about where it is grown, how it is harvested, and how it is made. The group will be given goodie bags filled with chocolate treats during the tour. The tour is 45 minutes long. The group will have the opportunity to witness the process of making delicious creamy fudge without marshmallows or cream in the recipe. Visitors will see steps in the process such as mixing, cooking, and how the mixture is cooled on special marble slab tables. Visitors will also witness a candymaker transform fresh ingredients into a loaf of smooth, creamy, fudge, and create unique chocolate confections. Chip’s has been making chocolate for over 30 years.

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