Civil War & Underground Museum

The Civil War and Underground Railroad Museum is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Museum interprets the struggle for freedom, equality and national unity in 19th-century America, to inspire a better understanding of that struggle and a renewed dedication to its importance today. During a visit to the Museum, the group will encounter real things that belonged to the real people who “lived” during the Civil War. Featured artifacts include the following: clothes, supplies, arms they used, the relics of those who fought and died for freedom we cherish, and the compelling stories that went with those struggles. The location has a library, bookstore, and offers various programs to its visitors. The holdings in the library include: regimental and unit histories, biographies and memoirs, published diaries and letters, and works on topics such as abolitionism and slavery, naval history, women in the Civil War, espionage, medicine, and surgery. The tours offered are interpretive and use reenactments to educate visitors. The Featured tours include: the Ream’s Station Tour, the First Day at Chancellorsville Tour, the Mine Run Tour, the Slaughter pen Farm Tour, the Spring Hill Tour,  and the Third Winchester Tour.

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