Daytona Lagoon Waterpark

During your adult group trip to Daytona Beach you may want to stop by the Daytona Lagoon Waterpark. The location has both wet and dry attractions. There are 12 thrilling speed slides and other fun rides. There is also a lazy river and a huge wave pool. Your group will have a good time enjoying the water and the dry attractions at the park. The rides at the Daytona Lagoon Waterpark are exciting for your adult group to enjoy. While experiencing Blackbeard’s Revenge, you will climb a 62 foot tower and then slide into a winding tunnel of darkness. Daytona Lagoon has a new slide known as Kraken’s Conquest. During the thrilling experience, your group will race on one of four lanes of a 55 foot tower to the bottom where you will splash into the water. The Central Slide Complex contains three slides on one tower. Your group can take a trip down the Canyon, the Cave or the Cavern. The park is open year-round but the waterpark is closed after Labor Day. However, there are several fun dry attractions for your group to explore. For example, there is the Grand Prix Go-Kart race Track where you will experience hairpin turns and blinding straightaways. Miniature Golf is a fun game to play with your adult group. There are two nine-hole golf courses which intertwine through the Go-Kart Track and the Waterpark. Visitors may also want to climb the Rock Wall and challenge one another to see who will make it to the top. The wall is 25 feet high. There is also a Mega Arcade with tons of fun games and awesome prizes for the group to enjoy.

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