Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium Entrance

Credit Kevin C.

Thanks to an unheard of 250 million dollar gift bestowed upon the good people of Georgia by Bernie Marcus, co-founder of the Home Depot empire, the world-class Georgia aquarium opened its doors to the public debt-free in 2005. To date, this magnificent and magical water world has attracted over eleven million enthusiastic visitors to its more than fabulous 60 exhibits, hosting an impressive array of inhabitants-more than in any other aquarium-in over ten million gallons of fresh and marine water! Sea Monsters Revealed takes you to into the mystery and magic of the briny deep for a daring look at some of the largest, most elusive and potentially terrifying sea creatures ever encountered. The SunTrust Georgia Explorer gallery, a highly interactive showcase featuring touch pools full of vibrant and wiggling sea stars, cool stingrays, animated shrimp and medieval-in-appearance horseshoe crabs, and several larger habitats housing a loggerhead turtle and the fish of Gray’s Reef — a National Marine Sanctuary off the Georgia Coast-also introduces you to right whales, peaceful behemoths that cruise the local waters-and the venomous and invasive lion fish that don’t belong in them! Georgia-Pacific Cold Water Quest slides beneath the waves of frigid ocean waters to show you curious animals like weedy sea dragons and Japanese spider crabs, and gets you face time with gregarious Beluga whales, precocious African Penguins and playful Southern Sea Otters! Incredible acrylic passageways take the brave through the shadowy, deep waters where gentle giants whale sharks and manta rays drift, eat and play; where do visitors go to refuel? Wonderful Café Aquaria serves ravenous guests “best in class” local and national favorites, from pizza and pasta, fresh sandwiches, salads and seafood to plump roast chicken, crispy battered cod and juicy bacon cheeseburgers; a selection of house-made desserts sweetly wrap up your Aquarium repast. Two delightful gift shops treat you to a thematic fantasy of undersea browsing of collectibles, apparel, books, videos, custom art pieces and more for that perfect memento of your visit!

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