Gettysburg Battlefield Tour

When your adult group visits Gettysburg, you may want to take a tour of the famous Gettysburg Battlefield. There are a variety of tour options for visitors to explore. The group should allow four hours to take the tour and view the memorabilia. The museum contains one of the world’s largest collections of outdoor sculptures. The group can take a bus tour of the battlefield and view interesting historic sites. One of the options is known as the Double Decker Bus Tour. During the experience, a licensed guide will share stories about the battle. Another bus tour is the Dramatized Audio Bus Tour. During the program, your group will relive the Battle of Gettysburg. The presentation consists of a Hollywood cast of actors, technicians, and special effects in order to recreate the battle. You will hear drums roll, cannons roar, and rifles crack as part of the experience. Visitors will encounter sites such as Little Round Top, the Peach Orchard, the Devil’s Den, picket’s Charge, and the Wheat Field. During your group visit, the group will want to stop by the National Park Service Museum and Visitor Center which contains information and fascinating displays about the Battle of Gettysburg. The exhibits in the museum are interactive and some of them use multimedia. There is also a film for visitors to view which is called “A New Birth of Freedom.” Morgan Freeman is the narrator of the film. The group can shop at the Museum Bookstore or enjoy some refreshments at the Refreshment Saloon. The bookstore contains books and other items that pertain to the Battle of Gettysburg.

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