Gettysburg Railroad Museum

While your adult group is in Gettysburg, you should make a stop at the Lincoln Train Museum. You will find historical artifacts, a toy train collection, and several locomotives. There is also a Video Hallway of America where you can see the history of our nation come alive. One of the locomotives is the outdoor caboose which at one time traveled the Maryland-Pennsylvania Railroad. The group can climb aboard and go back in time and take a journey with President Abraham Lincoln as he travels to Gettysburg in order to dedicate the National Cemetery. The location is within walking distance of the museum. Another interesting locomotive is the simulated Funeral Train Car the United States. The group can ride with Lincoln’s spirit and take a journey through the nation’s fascinating history. During the visit, your group will have the opportunity to take a journey with Mr. Jim Getty who portrays President Lincoln. You will walk down the video hallway of America. The group can also explore layouts, historical artifacts, and displays of Abram Lincoln, the founding fathers, as well as other great Americans. Visitors can recall the battles and wars that have our nation endured over time and pay tribute to the soldiers, law enforcement, heroes, and veterans of our country. The museum also has memorabilia of our sports figures and Hollywood stars for the group to explore. The museum is a popular attraction for visitors of all ages to enjoy. You will learn about history and see interesting collections and artifacts all in one entertaining museum!

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