Ghostly Experience Walking Tour

Groups visiting the Old City in search of a little *extraordinary* after-dark entertainment will definitely enjoy one of area historian Sandy Craig’s wildly popular “Ghostly Experience Tours.” More than 20 years ago she realized groups lodging in St. Augustine overnight desperately needed a safe, fun evening activity. She and a few local writers and researchers put their heads together, investigated endless stories and photos, files, documents and diaries and designed a guided tour based on verifiable ghost “sightings” and other odd occurrences in the historic city, today considered a hotbed of paranormal activity. Her eerily fun tours met instant success! Expert guides usher guests down narrow, centuries-old cobblestone streets, by dim lantern light, searching for any glimpse of the supernatural. Participants are regaled with terrifying true stories of St. Augustine’s “dark side,” learn actual “haunting habits,” pick up a few tried-and-true spirit-spotting tips and are advised to “be on the lookout for swooping lights, unearthly fog and ghostly shadows in the night,” phenomena which have actually been witnessed at the “haunted” sites Sandy’s groups visit. Why do these spirits linger still, and occasionally appear to humans? Tours depart every night at 8pm, rain or shine, and last approximately 75 minutes; be prepared to spend the rest of your St. Augustine getaway pondering possible answers!

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