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Credit Gettysburg Tour Center

Are you fascinated with the supernatural? If so, the group can take a Ghost Tour of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The location features several different options. Featured tours include the following: The Author’s Tour, The Award Winning Black Cat Tour, The Battle cry Tour, “Scare on the Square” Tour, XTREME Ghost Hunt, and Ghost Hunts. During the Author’s Tour, visitors will have the opportunity to meet and be guided by Johlene “Spooky” Riley who is the published author of the book “Ghostly Encounters of Gettysburg.” She will guide you to locations featured in her book. During the Award Winning Black Cat Tour, guests will travel the dark alleys by candlelight to locations which were active battlefields and homes. Featured locations include: Lincoln Cemetery, the Farnseworth House, the Grove, the Haunted Creek Bed, the Rupp House Museum, the Dobbin House, the Jennie Wade House, the Orphanage and the Victorian Photo Studio. The “Scare on the Square” Tour is a 1 hour walk and includes many interesting locations. Featured locations include: the Wills House, the James Getty Hotel, the Globe Tavern, the Gettysburg Hotel, the German Reform Church, the Old Main School Building, Seminary Ridge and the Town Square. Groups will find something interesting and haunting during these ghostly tours!

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