Jackie Robinson Ballpark

Jackie Robinson Ballpark is a great attraction to take your group to in Daytona Beach. On March 17, 1946, Jackie Robinson played his first baseball game at the City Island Ballpark in Daytona Beach. This was the first integrated professional baseball game. The park was renamed in 1990 and is now known as the Jackie Robinson Ballpark as a result of that first game. The group can look at displays in the Jackie Robinson Museum as part of their experience. The ballpark’s River Walk has plaques and activities that help the group understand Robinson’s athletic abilities and sociological impacts. A timeline that displays his accomplishments both on and off the field. It is located on the western wall of the Daytona Cubs Clubhouse. Your student group can also look at the displays that tell stories about famous barrier breakers in the picnic porch of the park. The picnic porch was the Jim Crow section which was common during the first half of the 20th century. Jackie Robinson is part of the Baseball Hall of Fame and he was known for his trademark steals of home plate. There is a display where visitors can read about how he accomplished this task. Your group can also try it for yourselves on the base path. There are also interactive displays which are for basketball and track and field, two activities that Jackie Robinson enjoyed during his time. The tour of the ballpark is a self-guided tour and your group may take photos of any of the memorabilia of this famous African-American baseball legend.

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