Jolly Rogers Amusement Park

This good-time family fun park on the pier, set against the stunning backdrop of Atlantic sea and sky in Maryland hotspot Ocean City is a must for checklist-driven travelers needing a little down time. Deal of the day: for under 20.00 apiece, you and your group mates can grab a wristband-your ticket to ride yourselves silly from 1-5pm on a classic array of carnival favorites! Enjoy a sweeping view of the park and beach from a teetering seat atop the Giant Ferris Wheel; take a turn on the terrifying Tornado, do the Crazy Dance or test your mettle-and your lungs on everyone’s favorite, the Hurricane! Take a perilous plunge on the Slingshot or “loop-da-loop” on the Looping Rollercoaster-it is what it sounds like! If rides aren’t your bag, Jolly Roger on the pier offers plenty of quintessential midway attractions, activities and tasty delights! Good ol’ games of chance will get you the perfect souvenir if you’re lucky; landmark food stands like Boog’s BBQ and Thrasher’s French Fries will satisfy your savory craves and Kohr’s Brothers will serve up a frozen custard to make your teeth tingle! Let go and let the sights and sounds, lights, music and lapping waves sweep you up in that magical boardwalk atmosphere by the sea!

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