Manassas National Park

As part of your adult group tour to Gettysburg, you may want to visit the Manassas National Battlefield. The first battle at this location took place on July 21, 1861. During the battle, there was heavy fighting between the two armies. In August of 1862, the Union and Confederate armies clashed a second time on the plains of Manassas. The Confederates won the victory which brought them to the height of their power. Your group can take a tour of the battlefield and see the interesting sites in the area. The group will begin your visit at the Henry Hill Visitor Center which contains an interesting museum with fascinating exhibits for you to explore. The group can watch a 45-minute film called “End of Innocence,” in the visitor center. The center also has a bookstore where you will find interesting books related to the Battle of Manassas. The park offers walking tours and self-guided cell phone tour options as part of the experience. The walking tours are seasonal options. There are two cell phone tours available. One of them is known as the Henry Hill Cell Phone Tour. During the experience, visitors can call a number and listen to interpretive audio programs about the various stops on the walk. The tour has nine stops along the way. The other option is called the Stone Bridge Cell Phone Tour. The group can participate in several outdoor activities during the visit. There are a few hiking trails for you to explore. Visitors will learn information about the battle on the hike by looking at the information presented at each area of the battlefield. You can also go horseback riding or have a picnic at the park.

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