Marvel Cave Lantern Tour

Beautiful Branson is a vacationer’s dream; there is so much to see and do in this friendly city nestled deep in the Missouri Ozarks! Adventurous groups heading out on their Show Me State excursion won’t want to miss a lantern-light opportunity to explore world-famous Marvel Cave, right beneath good ol’ Silver Dollar City in the family-friendly destination of Branson, Missouri. In fact, Silver Dollar City actually came to be during the development and promotion of this natural wonder as a popular tourist attraction. 90 minute lights off, hand-held lantern tours of this remarkable living landmark, one of the deepest wet limestone caves in the country; are led and narrated by friendly and capable guides decked out in period costume who regale you with history, legend and lore as – heads ducked – you move steadily beneath the bustling surface, and descend into the eerily wet coolness of Silver Dollar City’s deepest, darkest secret, first discovered by native Osage Indians. As the tour commences you and your fellow spelunkers head down a long flight of stairs into the enormous and awe-inspiring Cathedral Room; photo ops are available here and are an absolute must. Your fascinating journey continues as you wend your way through various passages and rooms in 60 degree coolness (during the summer) and remarkably, a steady 60 degree warmth during the winter. You’ll follow an extended route through Marvel Cave, once nicknamed “The Devils Den” – stopping to explore intriguing, seldom visited areas along the way – and affording your trusty guide additional time to provide pertinent details, offer insights, and relate spooky ghost stories that may just put a lift in your stooped step. Watch your heads!

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