Meramac Caverns

Visitors to the Meramec Valley, just an hour away from the St. Louis Arch, may be surprised to know The Show Me State is also known as The Cave State, boasting almost 6400 surveyed caves scattered throughout its rolling green hills, winding rivers and lush, fertile valleys. Four are open for public exploration, and Meramec Caverns, discovered in 1720 by French Explorer Phillip Renault, is the largest of the commercial cave attractions in the state. Open to guests year round, the Caverns offer a fun, affordable vacation excursion for visitors of all ages, and well-trained rangers can accommodate groups of any size. Mile-and-a-half tours of the amazing cave complex depart every thirty minutes or so and take approximately an hour and twenty minutes to complete. Learn how the ancient Wine Table (the World’s rarest cave structure) was formed completely under water and marvel at rare and stunning mineral formations in an array of mind-blowing colors and surreal shapes and sizes as you explore this miraculous natural wonder! Exclusive 80-minute tours invite you to trip the light fantastic ( hand-held lantern light, that is) through the caverns; be prepared to encounter a gracious host of historical characters along the way – an Osage Indian, a Civil War soldier, and the infamous Jesse James regale guests with fascinating folklore and tales of courage and high adventure, and even provide a little intriguing cavern history – no secrets spilled here! When all your spelunking has you hankerin’ for some yummy vittles, the Caverns’ on-site restaurant promises hearty Classic American fare certain to satisfy as well as 28 flavors of ice cream to top it all off; a fully-stocked gift shop tenders truly perfect souvenirs of your amazing Meramec Caverns adventure!

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