Missouri Town 1855

During your group visit to the Kansas City area, you should take some time and enjoy the experience at Missouri Town 1855 which consists of 30 sloping acres. You will see what a progressive farming community looked like in the mid-1800s. The location is composed of over 25 buildings dating from 1820 to 1860. It is a living history museum that uses original structures, furnishings and equipment. There are also interpreters dressed in period attire, authentic garden crops, and rare livestock breeds that depict lifestyles during the 19th century. There are a variety of educational workshops that are offered during the year where your group will learn about different aspects of life during the 1850s. One of the options is known as Soap Making which is for adults only. During the class, visitors will be instructed on how to make soap and will be able to take home your own bar as an extra bonus. You will use the cold water method and you will use lye and lard to make the product. Another fascinating workshop is the Hearth Cooking Class for adults. During this activity, your group will cook over a hearth and also use Dutch ovens 1800s style. You will get to eat what you have made at the conclusion of the class. The buildings at Missouri Town 1855 are fascinating for visitors to explore. You will find places such as a Settler’s House from 1860, the Colonel’s House from 1855, a Smokehouse, a Tavern from 1850, a Schoolhouse from 1860, and the Mercantile. The Mercantile played a crucial role in the establishment of the crossroads village. This is the place where local farm families with a limited cash income could barter farm produce or buy on credit factory-made and imported goods.

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