Money Museum

While your adult group is in Kansas City, you may want to visit the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank. The group will have the opportunity to take a tour of the facility during the visit. You can explore interactive exhibits, the Truman Coin Collection, the Cash Vault, a Gold Bar, and the Vault Store. Your group can take a self-guided tour of the location at your own pace. Museum staff is available to answer any questions. They also offer guided tours if you desire. During the experience, visitors will have the opportunity to see the interactive exhibits, millions of dollars in the region’s largest cash vault, design your own digital currency, and have a photo taken as a souvenir. The tour is one hour in length and is fun for visitors of all ages. The interactive exhibits are both interesting and educational. When you explore the exhibits, you can do things such as step into the shoes of a bank examiner, try to spot a counterfeit bill, and see what 40 million dollars looks like. The exhibits are designed to explain banking, the economy, and how the Fed works. The Gold Bar at the Money Museum weighs 387.29 troy ounces and was cast at the San Francisco Mint in 1959. The bar is worth approximately 400,000 dollars today. There is a screen near the display that calculates the bar’s value based on the changing market price of gold. You will have the opportunity to see if you can lift the solid gold bar as part of the experience.

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