Speed Park Motorsports

During your adult group tour in Daytona Beach you may want to have some fun at Speed Park Motorsports. If you are looking for super-fast Go-Karts or want to play an arcade game, Speed Park is the place to visit. People of all ages will enjoy this fast action adventure. Speed Park Motorsports has a total of three Go-Kart tracks for your group to explore. They have the Thunder Mania Track, the Grand Prix Track and the Super Kart Track. The group can also race in the Nitro Alley Dragsters which go from zero to 75 MPH in seconds. The park has rookie karts and also those for more experienced drivers. In order to race in the Super Karts, you much provide a valid drivers license. These fun Go-Karts top out at 45 MPH. The Super Karts are a recent addition to Speed Park. The park also contains a Mega Arcade where your group can play a variety of games during the visit. There are racing games, classics, and a new redemption area available for your entertainment. You will find fun games such as Nascar Racing, Dead Heat, Fast Furious Drift, Super Bikes, Dragon Punch, Donkey Kong, and Pit Stop. There is also a party room at the park for birthday parties. The Nitro Alley Dragster is the only attraction in the county where you will have control of a real dragster. At the beginning of the race, you will be pulling 2 G’s and almost three by the time you make it to the finish line. Speed Park is fun for groups of all sizes.

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