Stone Hill Winery

Nestled among the rolling hillsides of the Missouri River, in verdant and stunning surroundings reminiscent of Germany’s lush Rhine Valley, is the little town of Hermann. Here, in these glorious green hills is where you will find the original Stone Hill Winery. Established in 1847, Stone Hill grew to be the second largest winery in the United States, proudly showcasing their world renowned, award-winning wines and shipping 1,250,000 gallons per year. Enter, the Prohibition: the winery ceased production and closed in 1920, along with virtually all others in the nation. During this time, the family earned a living growing mushrooms in its magnificent arched cellars until 1965. It was the first Missouri winery to be re-established once the Prohibition was lifted. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Stone Hill Winery welcomes visitors to its three beautiful locations with open arms. The 12,000 square foot Branson facility offers an entertaining guided 60 minute tour of Stonehill’s sparkling wine and cream sherry production, video viewing room, six tasting rooms and spacious gift shop. Visitors are led through the enormous winery complex where they witness the winemaking process; a short introductory film depicts the proud tradition of Missouri winemaking, focusing on the vineyards and cellars of the winery’s main headquarters in Hermann, Missouri. Guests are invited to revel in the delightful aromas of maturing Sherry, which is baked and then well-aged in artisanal oak casks; next, they watch the actual bottling process of Stone Hill’s acclaimed Spumante wines. The fantastic foray into the world of winemaking ends in tasting rooms where visitors sample their way through an exciting selection of Stone Hill’s delightful wines and juices. Tours and tasting adventures can be easily customized to fit individual agendas; if you’re in a hurry, you can get straight to the sipping! Do be sure to leave yourself a little time to browse the wonderful gift shop filled with wine-related items for that perfect memento of your Stonehill experience.

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