Tennessee State Capitol Tour

Groups on Nashville excursion must be sure find time to visit the majestically beautiful Tennessee State Capitol. The stately limestone Greek Revival style building rises dramatically from its foundation on a well-landscaped hill in downtown Nashville and appears today much as it did when it first opened in 1859 after 14 challenging years of construction, a commanding tribute to the people of Tennessee and the crowning achievement of noted architect William Strickland, who died unexpectedly during the project and was buried in the north façade. Inside the impressively appointed building guests will find, amongst the cast iron railings and spiral staircases, marble columns and elaborate light fixtures a range of fascinating artwork and artifact “of the day;” a fine example of 19th century renderings as well as a testament to our growth as a Nation. Magnificent statuary honoring Sam Davis, Sgt. Alvin York, and Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson as well as the tombs of President and Mrs. James K. Polk are sited on the Capitol grounds; guided tours are available Monday through Friday on the hour. Don’t forget to ask your chaperone about the bullet hole in the stone rail of the main stairs!

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