California Academy of Sciences

Fish and Scuba Diver at California Academy of Sciences

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The widely acclaimed California Academy of Sciences- one of the largest, most innovative and eco-friendly natural history museums in the world, re-opened its doors in 2008 after considerable earthquake damage in 1989 required the undertaking of nearly ten years of extensive planning and renovation. Re-opening day, admission was free; eager visitors waited in a mile-long line until closing, with over 15,000 guests admitted-and thousands turned away. An absolute imperative on any quintessential Golden Gate City adventure, grab your group of inquiring minds and treat yourselves to the heady thrill of exploration and discovery of the diverse realms of science with a tour of this 400,000 square foot assemblage of exquisite natural wonders of Earth, Space and Sea. This beloved landmark within a landmark, situated in beautiful domestic refuge Golden Gate Park offers a stunningly dynamic array of planetary, aquatic and historic specimens and extraordinary exhibits showcased in a cutting-edge venue; a sparkling and colorful aquarium, the largest digital planetarium in the world, a comprehensive natural history museum, lush tropical rainforest bio-dome, hands-on tidepool, thought-provoking naturalist center and swamp exploration area all await visitors to this beloved Bay Area establishment. Experience the heart-stopping terror of a simulated San Francisco-style earthquake; step into a living cloud of jewel-toned tropical rainforest butterflies and trip the light fantastic under convincingly realistic whirling galaxies! Stay for a few hours, or stay for the day- the world-and beyond- is your oyster at the California Academy of Sciences.

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