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Don Strange Ranch Adventure Course

Established in 1998, Don Strange Ranch Adventure Challenge Course has been a leading zip line course in the San Antonio area for nearly twenty years. From team building exercises to group fun days, the Don Strange Adventure experience is one that shouldn’t be missed by any group desiring a fun, exciting day in the outdoors.

Regular zip line courses for general adventures average at 350 to 400 feet in length at varying heights. Get a short briefing from the staff and then you’re on your way to the many wooden platforms before you shoot off through the Texas woods high above the ground.

Team building adventures are great for groups of colleagues and associates and small businesses desiring an adventure to bring the group together. Watch as your group enjoys the course, helping each other to the next station, and “step out of their personal comfort zone and into a learning zone” as Don Strange puts it. Team building adventures last approximately four hours and include rope courses either low or high, or even both depending on your preferences.

Group fun days make the Don Strange Ranch the perfect destination for groups of any size. Start off with zip line courses or take the Adventure Challenge course, do some catch and release fishing, have a chili cook off, compete in the Cowboy Olympics or armadillo races, feed the longhorn cattle, and watch a live rodeo all on the Don Strange Ranch. This is more than just a zip lining course but a group experience to be shared!

There is no age or weight requirement although there are some restrictions to participating on the zip line courses. Pregnant women will not be allowed to zip line and youth under 18 must have a parent sign a release before they participate.

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Seadog Extreme Tours

Speed away from Chicago’s exciting Navy Pier on a whirlwind adventure on the open water of Lake Michigan. Rocket across the waves, spin in screamingly fun twists and turns, and zoom in a jet propelled speed boat with Seadog Extreme tours.

Each speed boat is equipped with twin 1400 horsepower engines, driving you and your group up to 45 miles per hour in open water where you will experience full 180-360 degree hairpin turns all while you’re rocking out to the music that plays loud and free from the sound system. The expert drivers guide your adventure with fun and fascinating narration and fabulously maneuvered, heart-pounding moves on the water. Get your adrenaline pumping with your whole group while visiting Chicago and have an adventure like no other.

For a tour that’s a little less exciting, Seadog also offers cruises that tour the architecture of Chicago’s skyline. Charter a relaxing cruise and customize your ride with your own music playlists, catering options, and more. Themed cruises are available for holidays such as Independence Day with beautiful views of the fireworks show and cruises which show off the summer fireworks which shoot off from Navy Pier.

Riders must be at least 48 inches tall to participate and kids under 12 need an adult’s supervision to attend. This tour is 30 minutes of thrilling adventures on the open water with flat runs, tightly twisting spins, and a rocking, thrilling good time.

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Museum at Eldridge Street

Between the years 1880 and 1924, over 2.5 million Jewish immigrants entered the United States through Ellis Island and 85 percent of those stayed in New York City. To accommodate their newfound religious freedoms, the Eldridge Street Synagogue was built in 1887 and has never missed a Saturday service since.

The Synagogue was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1996 and restored to its former glory after it had fallen into disrepair during WWII. The pigeons were evicted from the rafters, windows were replaced, and the original frescoes and ceiling decorations were refurbished by experts. The new east window, installed in 2010, is an extraordinary sight to behold seeming to capture the delicate sprinkling of stardust in a night’s sky with a glowing Star of David at its heart. Among their other awards, the Synagogue received the Preservation League of New York’s Restoration Award.

The Eldridge Street Museum was incorporated to preserve the landmark Synagogue and to educate visitors on the history and culture of Judaism in America. The museum itself has won awards for its interactive displays and exhibits on the history and beliefs of the Jewish faith.

The museum is open everyday except Saturdays, national holidays, and Jewish holidays while the synagogue is open to worshippers every Saturday.

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Boulevard Brewing Company Tours

Boulevard Brewing Company

Credit to KC Convention & Visitors Association

While your adult group is in Kansas City, you should visit the Boulevard Brewing Company, which was established in 1989. The company offers group tours as part of the experience. You can also purchase a variety of homemade beer and dry souvenirs. One of the tours offered is known as the Smokestack Tour. During the experience, you will be led by a bona fide beer expert. At the beginning of the tour, the group will have the opportunity to have an up-close and-personal exploration of the equipment and processes behind the company’s Smokestack series of beers. At the conclusion of the tour, you will have a tasting session and food-pairing segment. The tour is 90 minutes long. Another option is the Unfiltered Tour which is tailored for small groups. During the tour, visitors will see areas that are normally off-limits. This tour is 90 minutes in length. You will pause along the way and taste some of their eclectic offerings and receive a token of appreciation from Boulevard as an extra bonus. There is another unique tour offered which is known as the Tasting Room Tour. The Tasting Room has tap towers that rotate with a lineup of year-round core beers, seasonal offerings, a Smokestack brew or two, and occasionally brewery-exclusive test beers, and other special treats. There will be staff on hand to answer questions about their beers, the brewing process and culture. If you are a fan of souvenirs with the beer theme, Boulevard Brewing Company has plenty to offer. You will find items such as hats, scarves, hoodies, jackets, coasters, glasses and bags. They also sell a selection of beers including their popular Smokestack Series.

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Arabia Steamboat Museum

As your group is looking for interesting historical attractions to visit in the Kansas City area, you may want to explore the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The Arabia was built in the boat-yard of John S. Pringle in 1853. She survived for three years of service on the shallow and unpredictable Western river system. In 1856, the steamboat was loaded with over 200 tons of winters supplies for delivery to the western frontier. The boat hit a snag and sank to the bottom of the river. You will find fascinating exhibits at the museum that display many artifacts. The group can take a tour of the Arabia Steamboat Museum as part of the experience. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to examine Arabia’s amazing collection of artifacts. You will also enjoy a short presentation film in the Paddlewheel Theater. The film is about the life and rediscovery of the Steamboat Arabia. The tour is 90 minutes in length. You will also pass beside the Arabia’s engines and boilers which are located on its 171 foot-long replicated wood-plank deck. The museum has a gift shop where the group can shop for items that are unique to the Arabia Steamboat Museum or, memorabilia of your visit to Kansas City, Missouri. There are various rooms you will visit during your tour of the museum. One of the rooms is known as the Hull Room which has the Stern of the Steamboat Arabia’s massive hull. The rudder and tiller arm were used to steer the steamboat up the mighty Missouri River. Another interesting room is the Cargo Gallery which contains a variety of artifacts. You will find items such as European dishware, tools, firearms, writing instruments, lamps, and clothing.

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Zero Gravity Theme Park

The Zero Gravity Theme Park is located in Dallas, Texas. This location is the #1 thrilling theme park in the city. Groups of all sizes are welcome to enjoy the thrilling experience.
There are five “extreme” thrill rides for visitors to enjoy. Featured rides include the following: Bungee Jumping, the Sky coaster, Texas Blastoff, Nothin’ but Net, and the Skyscraper. The Sky coaster is a family-friendly ride. Three guests will climb aboard and be exhilarated as you are soaring in the air at 60 mph. This is one of the most famous coasters in north Texas. Do you enjoy that feeling of freefalling? If so, Nothin’ but Net is the perfect ride for those into this kind of amazing thrilling experience. You will be lifted to just below the top of a 16-story and then you are dropped back down. There is no bungee, no parachute, and no straps. The safety net is below so you are totally safe. The park views safety as their #1 priority. Come and experience this entertainment attraction!

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Grapevine Ginner’s Cotton Museum

The Grapevine Ginner’s Cotton Museum is located in Grapevine, Texas. It is located inside a ca. 1910 house. The museum features hands on activities and chronicles the era when cotton was king. There are two other museums located within the same building. Locations include the following: The Donald Schoolhouse, and The Keeling House Museum. The Donald Schoolhouse is a ca. 1900 school building that developed on the Grape Vine Prairie. The school was first held in a log cabin and now is a modern district. The Keeling House Museum is located inside a ca. 1888 historic home. It chronicles how the city of Grape Vine was developed. Visitors will see old time police and fire treasures as well as other city of Grape Vine historical artifacts. Your group will discover a working 1881 Chandler and Price Press. The group can take a tour of the Cotton Museum. Come with your group and visit these fascinating historical destinations!

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Hallmark Visitors Center

While your group is visiting Kansas City, you should stop by the Hallmark Visitors Center. You will find interesting exhibits that demonstrate the Enovation and creativity that go into making Hallmark products. Hallmark has called Kansas City home for over 100 years. The company creates greeting cards and other products in 30 languages that reach 100 countries around the world. One of the exhibits is known as Hallmark Live which is where you will meet the creators of some of Hallmark’s most popular products, such as their Keepsake Ornaments. There will be individuals such as a writer, designer, photographer, or sculptor at the exhibit to talk with the group. The Hallmark Art Collection is another interesting exhibit for the group to explore. Visitors will have the opportunity to view original works of art that were created for the covers of Hallmark cards. You will see works from individuals such as Saul Steinberg, Grandma Moses, and Sir Winston Churchill. The group will also learn the story behind Norman Rockwell’s famous painting which is known as The Kansas City Spirit. The original is at the Hallmark Visitors Center and there are prints available to purchase as a souvenir. The Hallmark Hall of Fame exhibit is fascinating and unique. Your group will have the opportunity to see an Emmy Award up close and watch classic clips from television’s most honored series – the Hallmark Hall of Fame. The exhibition showcases more than 60 years of award-winning television programming, along with the talented actors the series attracts.

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City Market

During your adult group visit to Kansas City, you may want to explore the City Market. Visitors can enjoy shopping, dining, and entertainment attractions in an open-air setting. The City Market has been in operation for 150 years. They host concerts, festivals, and other special events during the year. If you want to shop until you drop, the City Market offers visitors a variety of locations to find interesting merchandise. You can shop at places such as Carollo’s Gourmet Grocery and Deli, Crossland International Market, the Taste of Brazil Market, So Young’s Fashions, and Emblazon Card and Gifts. When you shop at Crossland International Market, you will find imported items from Africa and the Caribbean. They have Halal Meats, wheat, dried beans, peas, and curry, and other seasonings. Emblazon Card and Gifts has home accessories and souvenirs in a variety of themed areas. You will find themes such as Egyptian, Native American, and wildlife. Are you searching for quality food? If so, the City Market has plenty of choices for the group to sample. You can dine at restaurants such as Minsky’s Café, Burrito Bros, Kaldi’s Coffee and Hungry Monkey Bites. When you visit Hungry Monkey Bites, the group can purchase delicious snack food and beverages. They offer Chicago Style cheese popcorn, seasoned candied pecans, and the Hungry Monkey signature cookie, which is known as the “Oat-Choc-Wal Cookie.” Burrito Bros offers a variety of Mexican food such as quesadillas, Mexican pizzas, salads, burritos and tacos. The City Market hosts several special events year-round for your group to attend. You can enjoy concerts, the Art of the Machine Car Series, and classes at the Farm to Table Kitchen. They also have a community yard sale on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Durham Museum

Historic Union Station opened its doors to the public on January 15, 1931 – one of the finest examples of Art Deco architecture in the United States. This magnificent facility served millions of rail travelers and was world-renowned for its “modern” amenities and lavish style. Today, grand as ever, Union Station houses the wonderful Durham Museum, an institution dedicated to the preservation and display of important history of the American West, with permanent exhibits highlighting the history of Omaha and its surrounding regions, and impressive temporary exhibitions hosting collections of relevant and compelling subjects from partners such as the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives, the Library of Congress and the Field Museum. See everything from numismatist Byron Reed’s massive coin collection, a replica storefront of a popular 1915 grocery, a fully-restored 1922 flatbed Mack moving truck, an 1890s Union Pacific 1243 Steam Locomotive and an authentic Omaha and Council Bluffs Railway and Bridge Company streetcar that actually taxied riders through the streets of Omaha more than 70 years ago to an array of fine antiques and a fantastic assemblage of souvenirs, photographs and other artifacts recalling the 1989 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. Be sure to stop by The Soda Fountain and Candy Shop for an old-fashioned taste treat, Omaha style!

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