Alligator Farm

Maximo from the Alligator Farm

Credit Alligator Farm

What began in the late nineteenth century as a small exhibition of native Florida reptiles ultimately evolved into the quintessential Sunshine State attraction. The Alligator Farm, today, functions as a modern zoo serving the public and scientific community, alike, with an array of entertaining productions and displays and ongoing research and conservation efforts. Wildlife shows like Florida’s Forest Friends, Realm of the Alligator and the Rainforest Review capture visitors in their thrall while fascinating exhibits like the Birds of Africa, Florida Native Reptile and Animal House and the Wading Bird Rookery provide wonderful up-close and personal opportunities to view and even interact with the Farm’s residents in their natural habitats. Encounter rare and mysterious Albino Alligators –legend has it simply gazing upon these legendary creatures will bring good luck – and pay a visit to 18 foot Gomek, one of the largest crocs to have ever lived at a zoo. Adventurous types with a need for speed may opt for an aerial view of the zoo’s birds and beasts as they zip through the sky and tackle more than 50 crazy obstacles on their choice of two thrilling Crocodile Crossing adventures. Once you’re back on “terrifying firma” in search of a “bite,” Toucantina tenders tasty tidbits and frosty refreshments certain to wet parched whistles and satisfy even the wildest appetites – chow down in the shade overlooking a friendly crew of Galapogos Tortoises doing their very cool regal reptile thing!

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