Alton Museum of History and Art

Founded in 1971 with the intention of preserving the contributions of the Alton community, the Alton Museum of History and Art is devoted to its citizens and their history of the town’s development. Located in the Koenig House, built in 1887, the Alton Museum is also a historical landmark. Visit this concisely focused museum dedicated to the local people that made this community special over its historic life.

Not only is this museum preserving a piece of state and national history but, unlike many other museums, it devotes much of its mission to conserving and educating the public on the fascinating history of the Alton people over the years. Tour with your own pace exhibits featuring local history such as the Legend of the Piasa Bird, the Confederate Prison at Alton, and the Alton giant, Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man who stood at a staggering 8 feet, 11 inches. Other exhibits focus on Missouri and Illinois history like explorers Lewis and Clark, the Wood River Massacre, the Lincoln and Shields Duel, and Black Pioneers.

Interact, experience, appreciate the art, and learn about history from passionate and devoted individuals. This museum is a special and interesting opportunity for your group to learn about another community. Tour groups are welcome and invited to explore the exhibits stationed throughout the house museum. The gift shop is stocked with books and DVDs with more information about the exhibit topics if you are still craving deeper knowledge after your tour. If you have questions, ask any of the helpful, informative staff for illumination. The Koenig House also hosts festivals and regular events such as trivia nights and the annual Miles Davis Jazz festival and celebration.

For an informational and fascinating tour of Illinois history, come down to the Alton Museum of History and Art.

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