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For over fifteen years the San Francisco Bay Aquarium has mesmerized, fascinated and entertained more than 7,000,000 visitors to its sparkling 50,000 square foot facility in the heart of San Francisco. The conservation-minded aquarium holds steadfast in their mission to provide guests plenty of entertaining interaction with hosts of native San Francisco Bay creatures. Step into their home: this facility’s 300 feet of magnificent, crystal clear acrylic tunnels through 700,000 gallons of fastidiously maintained bay water gets you face time with approximately 20,000 aquatic residents-giant pacific octopuses, mysterious and graceful bat rays, menacing sharks and sleek skates among them. Gaze into mesmerizing walls of undulating translucent moon jellies and prickly sea nettles…lose yourself in galaxies of sea stars! Each fabulous exhibit spellbindingly showcases distinctive ecosystems supporting a wide variety of vibrantly colorful and captivating Bay marine life. A touch pool teaming with juvenile bat rays, leopard sharks, big skates and others awaits the fearless -they prefer morning visitors. You’ll even encounter terrestrial creatures at the Aquarium: PG&E’s Bay Lab Station highlights land-lubbing residents with critical messages to share about climate change and their Bay habitats; fuzzy, pink-toed tarantulas to prickly pygmy hedgehogs all await your group’s rapt audience. Scores of interactive experiences, 3D shorts, behind the scenes feeding tours and dozens of daily and engaging free programs ensure groups on San Francisco holiday a relaxing yet action-packed few hours. Aquarium By the Bay is the perfect place to unwind before getting on about the business of fulfilling that jam-packed agenda!

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