Aquarium of the Pacific

aquarium of pacific

Happy wanderers on sunny Southern California holiday won’t want to miss this fantastic celebration of glorious Pacific Ocean wonders tucked neatly under ever-popular historic landmark and attraction Santa Monica Pier-a fabulous, conservation-minded, world-class aquarium featuring 19 habitats and 32 focus exhibits, representing nearly 500 marine species. Home to nearly 11,000 sea animals, this wonderful institution offers visitors a first-rate peek into their lives beneath the deep blue. The entertaining June Keys Penguin Habitat treats visitors to the antics of over a dozen animated Magellanic Penguins above and below the water, and features a crawl-in space allowing you to “be” part of the exhibit. Journey through the northernmost region of the Pacific Ocean into frigid habitats in and around the Bering Sea or embark on a 16-exhibit tropical escape into the warm waters off the coast of Palau that gets you up close and personal with seahorses and  weedy sea dragons, sea turtles, energetic black tipped sharks, colorful clownfish, sturdy, slow-cruising groupers and a host of beautiful, venomous creatures. Wander amongst the chattering winged rainbows of Lorikeet Forest; enjoy the immersive experience of the Ocean Science Center featuring NOAA’s fascinating “Science on a Sphere” presentations and explore the magical, sound-based world of “Whales, Voices in the Sea.” Expansive outdoor exhibit, “Shark Lagoon” features large-shark touch pools, interactive displays, an amphitheater, cool Shark Shack gift store, and the Bamboo Bistro café; meet and greet more than 150 sharks-some you can touch, and some you can’t. “Boat Adventures” get intrepid types onto the open water year-round for a variety of outstanding narrated tours and cruises.


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