Arabia Steamboat Museum

As your group is looking for interesting historical attractions to visit in the Kansas City area, you may want to explore the Arabia Steamboat Museum. The Arabia was built in the boat-yard of John S. Pringle in 1853. She survived for three years of service on the shallow and unpredictable Western river system. In 1856, the steamboat was loaded with over 200 tons of winters supplies for delivery to the western frontier. The boat hit a snag and sank to the bottom of the river. You will find fascinating exhibits at the museum that display many artifacts. The group can take a tour of the Arabia Steamboat Museum as part of the experience. During the tour, visitors will have the opportunity to examine Arabia’s amazing collection of artifacts. You will also enjoy a short presentation film in the Paddlewheel Theater. The film is about the life and rediscovery of the Steamboat Arabia. The tour is 90 minutes in length. You will also pass beside the Arabia’s engines and boilers which are located on its 171 foot-long replicated wood-plank deck. The museum has a gift shop where the group can shop for items that are unique to the Arabia Steamboat Museum or, memorabilia of your visit to Kansas City, Missouri. There are various rooms you will visit during your tour of the museum. One of the rooms is known as the Hull Room which has the Stern of the Steamboat Arabia’s massive hull. The rudder and tiller arm were used to steer the steamboat up the mighty Missouri River. Another interesting room is the Cargo Gallery which contains a variety of artifacts. You will find items such as European dishware, tools, firearms, writing instruments, lamps, and clothing.

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