MLK Jr. National Historic Site

MLK Jr. Historic Site Display


Groups on Georgia getaway will want to pencil in a few quiet hours to visit this wonderful monument to Martin Luther King, Jr. in the historic Sweet Auburn District of Atlanta. The 35 acre site is composed of various integral components of MLK’s life story, including his boyhood home and the church where he and his father pastored, Firestation No. 6 that served the Sweet Auburn community he was raised in, historically significant shotgun row houses, the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Colored Mission and the MLK gravesite. The “I Have a Dream” International World Peace Rose Garden, a visitor’s center that chronicles the Civil Rights Movement and features the multimedia exhibit Courage To Lead, and a memorial tribute to Mohandas K. Gandhi all stand with the preserved structures in loving reverence and fond remembrance of a great man gone too soon, and his important legacy as a leader of the American Civil Rights movement. The International Civil Rights Walk of Fame-a walkable promenade that showcases actual footstep impressions of those honored, created “to give recognition to those courageous soldiers of justice who sacrificed and struggled to make equality a reality for all” is also located at the site.

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